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Gathering of the Shamans is happening in May in Sedona, AZ


Long before religions were organized, there were shamans.


They practiced a form of direct experience and revelation that dates back more than 40,000
years and served their tribes in a unique capacity that combined skills of a psychologist,
spiritual adviser, healer, philosopher, and friend.

They used rituals, tools, and wisdom to provide guidance, and many had an amazing
understanding of the stars, as ancient structures around the world correspond to specific
celestial alignments.

Shamans are perhaps best known for their ability to see subtle energy patterns, and under their
direction, you can learn to quickly shift your perspective, remove stubborn inner blockages, and
step into a life of ease, flow, and magic.


Every year, my publisher sponsors a unique weekend event called The Gathering of the
Shamans in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center.


This year’s event takes place May 5th -7th , and I invite you to learn more about...

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Join Us For the Awakening Astrology Retreat in Sedona! March 3 to 5, 2023


Suuuuppppeerr excited to share with you.....

We're bring our Awakening Astrology Quantum Embodiment Experience to Sedona, AZ from March 3 to 5, 2023!


We each have a unique celestial imprint (our natal chart) and soul code within Universal Source Energy.

When we tap into deeper connections with the astrological weather, we learn how to flow with and utilize the astrological weather within our personal energy fields.

When we create intentional practices within our individual energies, we manifest greater healing, transformation, evolution, and ease for our divinely orchestrated unfolding path and for our ineffable collective contribution.

We let go of external programming and narratives that keep us limited and dimmed.

We shine our light so bright others begin to shine theirs, too.

Welcome to your new alignment practice in embodied ascension as we reawaken the cosmos in us all.

In our 3 days together, you will intentionally connect your astrological energies with your...

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Taurus Lunar Eclipse Breakthroughs and Powerful Developments

You deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve a life worthy of your biggest dreams.


But do you hold a stable frequency across all of your energy fields that embraces this level of manifestation? There must be a solid foundation of self-worth and a deep connection with your innate power to hold and stabilize the higher frequency.


The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8th at 16 degrees is directly conjunct Uranus RX at the same degree point and working with the North Node in Taurus. The Moon is feeling the profound activations from Uranus and the North Node, which is taking you further than you've been - and it's happening quickly.


The most personal frequency of the Moon is being jolted and electrified beyond comfort. It's not easy, smooth, or peaceful. You may feel pushed or required to do something that feels terrifying.

Typical safety mechanisms won't work. But it's necessary to propel you forward into the new energies that support this growth now.


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Heart Merkabah Activations + Soul Empowerment


Multidimensional heart shifts are arriving with the Venus Star Point Portal and Scorpio Solar Eclipse Energies!


Intense changes are happening deep within our energies as a soul transformation is underway. Cellular reprogramming is occurring which can feel like we're purging and birthing simultaneously.


We are clearing out karmic energies we've been holding in the density of our beings and allowing these to move through us while maintaining only the higher frequencies of truth and wisdom.

Venus themes are powerfully amplified through the solar consciousness of the sun and the lunar consciousness of the moon.

Both luminaries are supporting Venus in her evolutionary growth as she receives downloads from both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.


Venus is opening to greater harmony with every relationship you have moved through in this lifetime. She is coming to terms with her growth, lessons, challenges, healing, needs and unconsciousness. She...

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Equinox Energies Balancing and Refining

Twice a year, the earth energetically returns to a balancing point of equal daylight and moonlight as we are supported in returning our frequencies, bodies, and life force to a zero point of stillness. 


Twice a year, we can re-adjust ourselves to be in tune with the pulsing energies of the Universe and allow ourselves to be in sync with the flows and expressions that we naturally sense and feel. 


Twice a year, we can intentionally work with the natural transition of the seasons and feel a deep appreciation for how we are innately connected to this ongoing cycle of life.


The Libra Equinox occurs on Sept 22nd & 23rd, opening up a zero point of new potentials, balance, peace, and internal harmony. 

This annual transition ushers in the next season of growth, expression, connections, and change. The zodiac wheel moves from the internally focused signs of personal development into the externally focused signs of interactions. It is a...

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Join Us In The Galactic Center



The Galactic Center is a private online platform where Molly shares channeled messages and guidance from high-vibe sources to support your energetic alignment. 


Many cosmic messages are only shared in this private space in order to protect the information as it comes through. 


Once you sign-in, you can access all current messages now. 


You'll also receive an email when a new message is posted. 


Sign up here for free



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50% off! Learn Transits In Your Astrology Chart

Are you interested in learning even more about these transiting energies in your natal chart?
Astrology transits are the current planetary energies of the moment. Chances are, you're looking for this information on a regular basis as you learn about your astrology sign and chart. 
In this intermediate level astrology course, I'll teach you how to connect the astrology dots and understand what is showing up in your chart at a more personal level.
~ Take a look at the area of life calling for your greatest attention right now and where your physical energy is at its highest for the next month.
~ Make the most of where you are easily supported and how you are receptive to greater joy in specifics houses in your chart.
~ Get better acquainted with your personal healing journey and where your Higher Self is also traveling with you.
~Feel stronger around where you are being required to "work for it" in your life and...
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On Sale! Learn Your True Relationship Needs In This Astrology Course


Get To The Heart and Soul of How You Love, Connect, and Share With Others


Relationships, love, and marriage are often one of the most important areas of our lives. 


Your astrology chart holds specific answers, guidance, and important energies around what you need for compatibility, emotional connection, joy, friendship, and romance.


When you are aware of these parts of yourself, you begin to fine-tune who you draw in for relationships, partnerships, friendships, and business connections. You honor and respect your needs on deeper levels, and understand how you show up in connections with others. 


This higher awareness creates a whole new vibration in all of your relationships. 


Whether you are looking for a long-term romantic partner, the right business connections, or friendships that will go the distance, your astrology chart provides you with clear wisdom and answers around your compatibility...

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Monthly Astrology Webinars Now Available


Every month, take a look at the upcoming astrological energies and how they will show up in your natal chart, including:


- See what the New Moon and Full Moon are activating in your chart during each lunar cycle


- Look at the conversations between Mercury, Venus and Mars as they move through the month and connect with your natal planets


- Follow the transiting Sun and what it is highlighting in your life


- Track the movements of the slower-moving outer planets and see what they are revealing to you right now 


- Identify big energy periods in the month ahead and plan accordingly


- Is it your birthday month? Take a look at solar return energies that will be highlighted for you around your special day


- Come back and review the webinar as often as you like



Monthly webinars will be regularly released to help you with planning purposes and expectations for the month ahead.



Check out the latest...

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Success In The Name of Sisterhood with MODERN HEROINE SOUL STORIES


Are you feeling stuck or uncertain about what to do next?


Do the energies, or choices, feel overwhelming because you know it is a pivotal time in your life?


The good news is that we are here to help each other move through big choice points and to do so with even greater trust in yourself. Our international bestselling book, Modern Heroine Soul Stories, was created for exactly that purpose - and it's on sale throughout the month of July to help you navigate your next steps.


In this special collection of female experiences, meet 24 real women - who feel like new friends - as they openly and courageously share with you their private struggles and unexpected life developments.


From divorce, friendships ending, questioning her life direction, and life-threatening health challenges, to losing her mom, becoming a mom, moving through inner pain, spiritual growth, and many more topics, every story is shared openly and from her heart.



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