Equinox Energies Balancing and Refining

Twice a year, the earth energetically returns to a balancing point of equal daylight and moonlight as we are supported in returning our frequencies, bodies, and life force to a zero point of stillness. 


Twice a year, we can re-adjust ourselves to be in tune with the pulsing energies of the Universe and allow ourselves to be in sync with the flows and expressions that we naturally sense and feel. 


Twice a year, we can intentionally work with the natural transition of the seasons and feel a deep appreciation for how we are innately connected to this ongoing cycle of life.


The Libra Equinox occurs on Sept 22nd & 23rd, opening up a zero point of new potentials, balance, peace, and internal harmony. 

This annual transition ushers in the next season of growth, expression, connections, and change. The zodiac wheel moves from the internally focused signs of personal development into the externally focused signs of interactions. It is a beautiful time to honor how you have grown and evolved, as well as deeply honor what you have become more conscious of within yourself at a core level of your being.


Now the energies open up to the fullness of others as we share our light, needs, joy, and vibrations in a broader way. 

The Libra Equinox is a lovely time to tune in to how your internal world is expanding into the external world even more. 


It is time to note the power of heart-based connections, equal exchanges, joy-filled interactions, and peaceful relations.  Billions of people are here on the planet at this time to move through this grand awakening and evolution of humanity. 


It is time to hold a deep sense of gratitude for the people you journey with, those who see you, those who share common values, and those whom you can trust in a deeper way. 


You can put very solid intentions and consciousness into your auric field during this Libra Equinox energy to properly code yourself with the frequencies that are best for you now. 


May this next season bring you greater support, trust, faith, and peace within yourself. 

May we also extend this energy out into the Earth to continue to support the powerful transitions on the planet. 

May all beings be safe, loved, cherished and respected now. 



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