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July 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


July begins with the third eclipse of this eclipse season at 14 degrees Capricorn, which highlights a reality check around what needs to change in your life for the second half of 2020.


July has strong Cancer - Capricorn energies throughout the month, including both the Full Moon and New Moon, and this is the last 'hurrah' of this energy axis in your chart. 


We'll look at the astrological transits as the Sun travels through Cancer and then into Leo, including the heads up on the energies between July 14 to July 21. 


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Final Capricorn eclipse July 5: Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees 

- Mercury stations direct at 5 degrees Cancer

- Strong Cancer and Capricorn energies for the whole month

- Chiron stations retrograde at 9 degrees Aries

- Second Cancer New Moon at 28 degrees

- 6 retrograde planets throughout the month

- Key astrological dates for...

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June 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


The second eclipse season of 2020 is here and we are going to navigate some big waves throughout June. 6 planets will be retrograde throughout the month. There is an interesting mix of energies that are both requiring us to move forward while also giving us periods of integration into this next chapter. 


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- New eclipse point on June 5: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees 

- Mercury stations retrograde

- 6 retrograde planets throughout the month

- Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune move into new degree points

- MEGA eclipse on June 20: Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees

- Mars enters Aries

- Jupiter RX conjunct Pluto RX for the second time


Plus, we'll take a look at the new healing themes that will arise as the North Node moves into Gemini and the South Node moves into Sagittarius. 


A very busy month!


As we progress through the transits,...

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May 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


May brings in a welcomed change after the wild rides of March and April.  Venus in Gemini stations retrograde and is squaring Neptune in Pisces for most of the month, providing an opportunity to go higher into spiritual lessons and be willing to surrender what you thought was important so you can re-connect with a new perspective.


The second half of the month picks up the pace with a dynamic Gemini New Moon, as well as Venus and Mercury travelling together in Gemini. Life starts moving again, yet there is also a hesitation around doing too much too fast as the planets in Gemini square Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Stay flexible and open, and you'll navigate the month with trust in each day's flow.  


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces most of the month

- Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter station retrograde

- May 7: Scorpio Full Moon at 17 degrees

- Mercury moves...

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50% New Course! Learn Transits In Your Astrology Chart

Are you interested in learning even more about these transiting energies in your natal chart?
Astrology transits are the current planetary energies of the moment. Chances are, you're looking for this information on a regular basis as you learn about your astrology sign and chart. 
In this new course, I'll teach you how to connect the astrology dots and understand what is showing up in your chart at a more personal level.
~ Take a look at the area of life calling for your greatest attention right now and where your physical energy is at its highest for the next month.
~ Make the most of where you are easily supported and how you are receptive to greater joy in specifics houses in your chart.
~ Get better acquainted with your personal healing journey and where your Higher Self is also traveling with you.
~Feel stronger around where you are being required to "work for it" in your life and adjust your expectations...
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The Astrology of Your Soul's Growth in 2020


Learn how 2020 is going to be significant in your life and spiritual growth by discovering how the energies show up in your natal astrology chart.


Energetically prepare for a year of rare astrology!


2020 begins a powerhouse decade of ongoing changes and deep soul growth.


- Learn how to navigate the three Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now in your life


- Learn what the two relationship planets, Mars and Venus, are teaching you throughout the year about your Masculine and Feminine energy needs


- Understand why the North Node moving into Gemini is activating parts of your life from 2001


- Be ready for Jupiter in Capricorn to play a major role in your professional world and life mastery


- Understand your soul's commitments with the Saturn - Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, as well as how the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction in Aquarius is providing a higher path forward


- See where...

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April 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


Discover the main astrology and energy themes of April 2020, and follow along as we look at how the astrology shows up in your natal astrology chart.


April continues the wild ride that March initiated as the exact Jupiter - Pluto conjunction happens on April 4th, followed by a potent Libra Full Moon on April 7th. The beginning of April also has Venus moving into Gemini, where she will stay until August due to her upcoming retrograde.


Plus, a lot more to discuss as the waves continue to come in and transform our lives permanently. 


This program has 4 prerecorded webinars totaling 1 hr 44 minutes, including charts for the Libra Full Moon and Taurus New Moon energies.


You'll receive immediate access to all 4 prerecorded webinars. 


Go at your own pace and come back to watch again as needed.


Use coupon code ARIES at checkout to get the full program for only $11 USD. 


Get started here



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Monthly Astrology Webinars Now Available


Every month, take a look at the upcoming astrological energies and how they will show up in your natal chart, including:


- See what the New Moon and Full Moon are activating in your chart during each lunar cycle


- Look at the conversations between Mercury, Venus and Mars as they move through the month and connect with your natal planets


- Follow the transiting Sun and what it is highlighting in your life


- Track the movements of the slower-moving outer planets and see what they are revealing to you right now 


- Identify big energy periods in the month ahead and plan accordingly


- Is it your birthday month? Take a look at solar return energies that will be highlighted for you around your special day


- Come back and review the webinar as often as you like



Monthly webinars will be regularly released to help you with planning purposes and expectations for the month ahead.



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