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New Videos: Awakening to Your Venus Sign + Evolving Your Self-Confidence & Relationship Patterns


Your natal Venus is connected to many areas of your energy field, including our relationships with money, finances, and abundance. When you tap into the base energy of your Venus, you can then consciously elevate your own connection to higher levels of self-worth and your understanding of your personal energy system.


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Your natal Venus is connected to many areas of your energy field, including our relationships with money, finances, and abundance. When you tap into the base energy of your Venus, you can then consciously elevate your own connection to higher levels of self-worth and your understanding of your personal energy system.


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2 Videos: Awakening to Your Mercury Sign and Expanding Your Perspectives


Your Mercury sign is a very important energy in terms of how you communicate, think, and perceive what you're experiencing, but your Mercury sign energy is also very important to the other planets in your chart, too. Strengthening your Mercury sign leads to positive connections and developments to the other planets and what they need to express, say, and share.


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Your natal Mercury sign can be on auto-pilot and even be unaware of other ways to view a situation or problem, but there are opportunities to open up to new perspectives. If you go to the OPPOSITE astrological sign, you can expand the issue or topic with objectivity and see another side of the picture.


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2 New Videos: Your Moon Sign and Unconscious Emotional Imprints of Your Soul's Arrival


Your natal moon sign holds a powerful energetic imprint related to your emotional development in this lifetime, especially as the energies from birth can be unconsciously expressed and carried into multiple areas of your life.


Your moon sign reveals more about your soul growth as well as what you may be holding around karma, family lineage, a potential mother wound, attachment style, and more. The aspects to your moon are also important in understanding these imprints.


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Your moon sign is how you unconsciously receive and respond to energies, as well as how you physically feel the energies in your body consciousness.


You may be unconsciously receiving energies in particular chakras or body centers that require your awareness and understanding, as well as more connection to how the energy can flow or move through you in a healthier way.


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Pisces New Moon - Next Level Manifestations After Mastering Spiritual Lessons

The Pisces New Moon at 1 degree is a time to reflect on what you have moved through spiritually, as well as how you are trusting your sense, feelings, and intuition on a regular basis. You may have new insights into what you've been learning, healing, and working through that now takes on a new form.
There is an overlapping Pisces theme with Venus and Neptune in Pisces closing out a chapter with a sextile to Pluto, and the new energies coming forth in the lunar cycle. You could feel this energetic overlap showing up in what you've been releasing and making room for in your life.
Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, and then be conjunct this same degree point 3 times in 2023: March 20, Oct 3, and Dec 5. Saturn brings energies into a shape and physical structure, so this is a very important time to be intentional and conscious of what you are wanting in your life as the energies play out into December 2023.
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New Videos: Awakening to More of Your Sun Sign Energies


Your natal Sun sign is connected to a progression of consciousness in the zodiac wheel, and you can access more energetic support through various points and signs.

Expanding beyond the basics of your Sun sign opens you up to more that you can work with and explore for yourself.


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Your Sun sign is part of a progression of energy, and it can be beneficial to know more about the blind spot energy that precedes your Sun sign.


We'll take a look at the Sun signs based on the element, and connect each one to the energies of the Blind Spot in a different element.


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February 5 Leo Full Moon: Highlighting Mid-Eclipse Process Changes, Centering In Your Heart Space


The Leo Full Moon at 17 degrees on February 5 is triggering the ongoing eclipse points in Scorpio and Taurus, signaling where more changes are necessary as you move through a growth process.


The Sun and Moon are both squaring Uranus in Taurus, stirring up changes and discomfort at the same time, as we are being guided to connect with our courage through these destabilizing energies.


Leo energy brings us back into our heart space and solar plexus to know our talents, light, and self-expression with empowerment. Calling energy back to you may bring you renewed clarity. This is also Saturn's last month in Aquarius before entering Pisces in early March.


Much more to share in this lunar video right here.



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2023 Zero Point Activations

2023 activates multiple zero point energies through outer planets and the Nodes of Fate, signaling a powerful theme of beginnings, new cycles, fresh energies, and deep integrations unfolding.

We've been intensely evolving internally for a number of years, especially as soul lessons, healing, and deep themes have been coming up for personal realizations.

The discomfort has always had a Divine purpose. The discomfort has been there to serve you in re-connecting to more of your power, heart, intuition, and knowingness.

As the energies flow towards these zero points, it could feel like you were in a void, or maybe currently in a void, which is confirmation of what has left, what you have released, and how much personal work you've invested in that is changing your vibration.

You may sense a 'quietness' in this stage of surrender. You may feel your energy systems have calmed down, after initial stages of fear, doubt, grief, and uncertainty.

After the void, a shift begins to...

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Capricorn Solstice Serenity - December 21, 2022

The solstice on December 21 signifies a period of time when the Sun reaches a standstill, activating a wise silence, as we are invited to listen to our own internal worlds with greater clarity.

Your soul knows this silence at a very deep level of your being. An infinite well of stillness that is a portal to your own peace frequency.

Twice a year, we are gifted with an opportunity to practice stillness and check in with our full energy frequency: heart, mind, body and soul.

Simply placing your hand on your heart, closing your eyes, and hearing your own breathing for one minute allows you to truly listen to the state of your being in this moment.

In Western astrology, the Capricorn Solstice is when we enter into the last quarter of the zodiac wheel with a focus on responsibility, maturity, and an ongoing commitment to your soul's mastery.

As the Sun reaches 0 degrees Capricorn, it makes a motivating square to Jupiter that returns to 0 degrees Aries and re-activates what may have been a...

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Join Us For the Awakening Astrology Retreat in Sedona! March 3 to 5, 2023


Suuuuppppeerr excited to share with you.....

We're bring our Awakening Astrology Quantum Embodiment Experience to Sedona, AZ from March 3 to 5, 2023!


We each have a unique celestial imprint (our natal chart) and soul code within Universal Source Energy.

When we tap into deeper connections with the astrological weather, we learn how to flow with and utilize the astrological weather within our personal energy fields.

When we create intentional practices within our individual energies, we manifest greater healing, transformation, evolution, and ease for our divinely orchestrated unfolding path and for our ineffable collective contribution.

We let go of external programming and narratives that keep us limited and dimmed.

We shine our light so bright others begin to shine theirs, too.

Welcome to your new alignment practice in embodied ascension as we reawaken the cosmos in us all.

In our 3 days together, you will intentionally connect your astrological energies with your...

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New Astrology Course! Learn About Your Significant Lifetime Energies With Progressions


Your progressed astrology chart holds deeper insights into your ongoing growth, development, and life chapters as it describes the bigger themes you are moving through.


Your progressed astrology chart reveals how your energy continues to grow and evolve throughout the years, and offers more specifics on life lessons, timing of events, and significant new developments.


Over a series of online video teachings, you'll learn how to read the main energies and themes in your progressed chart, including: 

  • How your progressed Sun moves in your life on a yearly basis
  • The significance of your progressed Moon and its 30 month cycle
  • The importance of any retrograde personal planets in your chart, especially when they change direction in your progressed chart
  • Why your progressed Ascendant is key to your personal evolution
  • How the progressed Midheaven signifies important life changes
  • What the major aspects are highlighting for you in your progressed energies
  • Where each...
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