New Series! Learn More About Your Descendant In These Chart Tutorial Videos


Once you know your Ascendant or Rising sign, then you can find the opposite astrology sign on your Descendant. 


The Descendant energies signify what you seek out in others through relationships, partnerships, and connections as they connect with your own energy. Then the energy becomes more specific as we look at the ruling planet and where it is placed in your chart. 


For example, if you have Libra Rising, then your Descendant is ruled by the energies of Aries. We'll be exploring more about what this means in your chart, including the importance of the ruling planet, Mars. We look at the aspects and expressions of your natal Mars to understand more about how your Descendant energies may be attracted to certain qualities in other people.


We'll look at each of the 12 Descendant astrology signs through this series of chart tutorial videos. 

I hope this helps you understand more about your chart!


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