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Have You Had a Launch Fail?

Whether it was a book, program, service, or product, it can be disappointing when anything we create and offer to the world tanks. Good news - I have a whole new way for you to think about it right here in this video.

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"If you want to learn from someone who is a doer and makes things happen, yet also understands that everything is not always as easy as other marketers like to portray it is - Molly is your person. In addition to being a brilliant business mind, she’s also got a huge heart, and truly cares about helping others succeed. Somehow her videos always speak to me, about exactly what I’m struggling with in my business - and make me feel like I’m not in this alone."

Erika Elmuts, M.B.A
Internationally-recognized Health and Wellness Expert, Professional Speaker

"With everything from tips on building your online presence to understanding the importance of personal branding in the social media era, Molly proves herself to be a capable, heartfelt guide. With a perspective that’s equal parts embracing your intuition and getting down to the brass tacks of managing your business, Molly is all about empowering women so they can be successful at sharing their passion and talents with the world."

Kelly McNelis

"I have had the pleasure of following Molly for the last few years. In her many talents as an astrologer, author, intuitive coach and business woman, Molly always exudes a genuine care to help others live their life's purpose. Watching Molly’s program videos is like having a business mentor as a friend that you can go to anytime for sound, relevant advice. Implementing her step-by-step advice keeps me focused on how best to blend my passions into a successful business plan!"

Sharon Bright
Spiritual Teacher,

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"Holy crap, you thought of everything! The website is easy to maneuver through; the material is concise and enriched with both start-up fundamentals AND advanced strategies to take your business to the next level. I found the program to be my instant virtual business coach, any time of day, that has taught me step-by-step everything I need to know. Molly McCord’s Expansion Business Development Program is jam-packed with essential "make-it-happen" resources for basically everyone. I love it! "

Teresa Leming
Entrepreneur, Intuitive, Ho'Oponopono Instructor,

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"THANK YOU for how you have turned my business around, as well as my perspective on it. I know I can handle it now - and I also know where to find you when I get stuck again!"

Jennifer G.
Online Entrepreneur, Retail Vertical

"Both strategy sessions with Molly brought me a lot of value. I feel less overwhelmed since we spoke and I have specific improvements that will benefit my clients immediately. Plus I love the resources you gave me, thanks again!"

Brenna J
Life Coach

"Molly is my amazing secret weapon teacher! I have learned so much from her over the past 4 years, and being in her presence only brings more LIGHT into my life."

Cynthia Johnson


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