Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business

In nine easy-to-follow sections, Molly leads you through 11 essential points for mastering abundance and opening up to more flows of financial income in your business. She'll guide you to look at many aspects of yourself, money, business, and then share practical, actionable steps to take now.


You’ll Master These 11 Abundance Points:


  • Redefining Abundance In Your Business
  • Getting Conscious About Offering Free Content
  • Setting Clear Intentions About What You Share
  • Examining Your Soul's Light Around Receiving
  • Elevating Your Unconscious Feelings About Money
  • Determining Your Boundaries
  • Realistically Setting Your Rates - and NOT Selling Yourself Short
  • Playing The Numbers Game
  • Opening Up To Higher Channels of Abundance
  • Being Strong In Valuing Yourself and Your Business
  • How to Not Buy Into Others’ Fears of Lack and Respond With Abundance



Plus, a BONUS module to support taking your business forward now.


BONUS Module – 10 Actionable Abundance Steps

  • Priorities, shortcuts, and creative ideas
  • Websites and connections to check out NOW
  • Introduction and overview of affiliate programs



You’ll also receive 8 Abundance Affirmation Cards to download and keep nearby so you can instantly and easily connect with the energy of abundance when you need a quick reminder of what you are re-programming within yourself.


Reality check.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You are a seasoned entrepreneur with high-performing, established sales channels.
  • You do not want to do any inner work or self-examination.
  • You resist change.
  • You do not want to take action or push yourself to try new tactics.
  • You’re approaching this information with skepticism and doubt.


This audio course has 11 individual recordings comprising over 140 minutes of information, tips, exercises and guidance.


All information is divided into smaller segments, from 7 minutes to 24 minutes, to accommodate your busy schedule and make it easy to prioritize tasks and changes.



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