Heart Merkabah Activations + Soul Empowerment


Multidimensional heart shifts are arriving with the Venus Star Point Portal and Scorpio Solar Eclipse Energies!


Intense changes are happening deep within our energies as a soul transformation is underway. Cellular reprogramming is occurring which can feel like we're purging and birthing simultaneously.


We are clearing out karmic energies we've been holding in the density of our beings and allowing these to move through us while maintaining only the higher frequencies of truth and wisdom.

Venus themes are powerfully amplified through the solar consciousness of the sun and the lunar consciousness of the moon.

Both luminaries are supporting Venus in her evolutionary growth as she receives downloads from both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.


Venus is opening to greater harmony with every relationship you have moved through in this lifetime. She is coming to terms with her growth, lessons, challenges, healing, needs and unconsciousness. She is elevating to a place of greater peace around all of her relationship patterns and themes, as well as feeling empowered around what she has discovered along the way.


The heart chakra is alive in a multi-dimensional merkabah that contains all relational imprints you've experienced across multiple lifetimes. And it is drastically evolving at this time! We are gaining much from our journey in this current timeline while also feeling intense energies from other soulmates, twin flames, and powerful connections. It runs deep. The reverberations are being felt across soul groups.


The emotional body is cleansing out perceived limitations, overwhelm, excessive emotional energy, congested karmic patterns, and/or fears you are radically facing and transforming. Relationships are changing deeply and permanently as a result of how much your own relationship with your soul is now evolving.

As within, so without.

As above, so below.

You are infinitely connected to all of your multi-dimensional energy signatures. Both endings and beginnings are powerful at this time, especially in the heart chakra, because you are being connected with new levels of personal truth. Your heart holds the answers, wisdom, and divine knowledge.


Your heart is being recalibrated to new powerful Love frequencies.

Rising Divine Feminine energies within All.

Rising Divine Love within All.


As the Scorpio solar eclipse energies amplify on Oct 25th and over the next week, the energies reverberate across all realms and multiple timelines.

Your soul is feeling this energy in other lifetimes... Your relationships are feeling this pulsing intensity across other timelines... Karma is being newly created or completed in this cycle... Permanent changes are unfolding.


- Heart Purge and Reconfigurations as you connect with soul level downloads of what love really feels like for you. Remembrances.


- Transformational Frequencies as you gain wisdom from what you thought love should be or lower shadow expressions that felt safe to the fearful parts of you.


- Intense Awakenings that reveal any limitations of how your energy has been disconnected from its innate soul power.


- Feminine Connections Rising and Falling as Venus enters into a new frequency of self value where she requires respect, reciprocity and truth. Females, friendships, siblings, sisters, wives, spouses, lovers, partners.


- Empowering Relationship Insights around patterns, habits, and unconscious expressions based on what you thought you had to do to be loved by another.


- Elevated Self-Worth Vibration that declares you will no longer allow certain energies into your personal orbit.


- Facing Financial Fears and Limiting Money Beliefs that have disconnected you from your innate abundant self worth and wealth consciousness.


- Karmic Breaking Points as you step away from older versions of yourself that are no longer in alignment with your evolving standards.


- Rising Psychic Awareness of what is hidden, secretive, deceptive, hurtful, manipulative, and/or no longer in resonance with your heart's frequency.


- Revelations of Deep Desires that show you what you truly want and need in this lifetime to experience divine love, authenticity, intimacy, vulnerability, and true connections.


Embrace your growth and transformation at this time.

Emotions may be high and intense.

Grant yourself grace for what you're moving through.

You don't have to do it perfectly.

Your soul is beautifully guiding you through this evolutionary heart portal. It's time to elevate and regenerate! 


More about the Venus Star Point + Scorpio Solar Eclipse Energies: https://youtu.be/rCJSVBxe4L4


Gorgeous image by Awaken Visions - Artwork of Daniel B. Holeman https://www.awakenvisions.com/



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