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Get To The Heart and Soul of How You Love, Connect, and Share With Others


Relationships, love, and marriage are often one of the most important areas of our lives. 


Your astrology chart holds specific answers, guidance, and important energies around what you need for compatibility, emotional connection, joy, friendship, and romance.


When you are aware of these parts of yourself, you begin to fine-tune who you draw in for relationships, partnerships, friendships, and business connections. You honor and respect your needs on deeper levels, and understand how you show up in connections with others. 


This higher awareness creates a whole new vibration in all of your relationships. 


Whether you are looking for a long-term romantic partner, the right business connections, or friendships that will go the distance, your astrology chart provides you with clear wisdom and answers around your compatibility needs.  


Get to know your relationship energies in a deeper way, especially what you need in:

  • Business and professional connections
  • Dating, romance, and love
  • Marriage and long-term relationships
  • Friendships
  • Family and sibling relationships


Understand why you’re attracted to certain people and characteristics:

  • Why did you date him/her - and why did it not meet your needs?
  • Why do you pull in certain partners over and over, and what are their lessons for you?
  • How can you rise above the lower, unconscious energies you keep attracting?
  • What qualities are a good match for you in marriage and long-term partnerships?
  • Why are you possibly moving through a romance dry spell?
  • Can you feel safe and secure with another and sharing your vulnerable, soft spots?


Your astrology chart has these answers! 


The Astrology of Relationships is an intermediate level course and is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of astrology and their natal astrology chart.



The Astrology of Relationships Online Course includes:


  • Relationship Energies Through the 12 Houses
  • Your Unconscious Dating and Mating Attraction Points
  • Why You Are Attracted To Certain Relationship Energies
  • Your Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • The Power Of Your Personal Planets
  • 2 Types of Relationship Charts: Synastry and Composite
  • Real Relationships In Action: How Celebrity Couples Connect or Conflict
  • The Importance of Your North Node, South Node, and Chiron
  • Friendships That Work For You
  • Family Dynamics: Siblings, Parents, Children
  • Business Matters: Clients, Partnerships, Finances, Contracts, Audience


10 teaching videos  |  Watch on any device | Learn at your own pace


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