Taurus Lunar Eclipse Breakthroughs and Powerful Developments

You deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve a life worthy of your biggest dreams.✨


But do you hold a stable frequency across all of your energy fields that embraces this level of manifestation?🙌 There must be a solid foundation of self-worth and a deep connection with your innate power to hold and stabilize the higher frequency.💯


The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 8th at 16 degrees is directly conjunct Uranus RX at the same degree point and working with the North Node in Taurus. The Moon is feeling the profound activations from Uranus and the North Node, which is taking you further than you've been - and it's happening quickly.💥


The most personal frequency of the Moon is being jolted and electrified beyond comfort. It's not easy, smooth, or peaceful. You may feel pushed or required to do something that feels terrifying.

Typical safety mechanisms won't work. But it's necessary to propel you forward into the new energies that support this growth now.


The Universe has been awakening you this year to a deep illumination of something you already "know". You've been feeling it.


A part of your energy has been tapped into a new potential in your life that may have been hard to believe or accept could be a reality.


As the Moon is carried forward by the North Node and then connects with the cosmic intelligence of Uranus, you are landing in a new emotional experience of what is possible. An opening into your private world, personal needs, and quiet self is strongly illuminated.


A quantum healing is underway to release and clear out what does not vibrate at this same frequency. It could feel like you are being Energetically Uprooted in some capacity to then be replanted in better soil with more room to grow.


Energy signatures of this Taurus Lunar Eclipse arrive this week, but will unfold for the next 12 months due to transiting planets in Taurus into 2023.


- Emotional Freedom from previous wounds, triggers, limitations, and expressions that no longer reside with your heart, needs, or lifestyle. A profound liberation from something that has been heavy on your heart or mind.


- Fated Developments as the Universe expands what you can energetically connect with now that was not energetically available before. Instant downloads of what is possible, even new routines or ways of living that excite you. Seeking reliable next steps and a strategic roadmap.


- Third Eye Light explosions of awareness with new visions and crazy-looking potentials. Intense downloads. Vivid dreams that can be fully realized.


- House of Cards collapses as there is no longer energy to support what has expired, no longer works, feels too difficult, or is no longer worth it. Not worth the time, money, energy, or dedication. Done. Finito. Life shifts, transitions, and closures arrive quickly to set you free instantly. Quick changeovers. Being cut off if it's not part of your future trajectory.


- Jolting heart activations based on what has been released, removed, or died within you at a cellular level. New space is alive after an intense ending or emotional goodbye. New life coming to heart clearings.


- Surprised by what you want next in your world. Something you never desired may now be very important in this cycle.


- Resistance is futile. You may be unintentionally holding yourself back from soul growth because of deep fear imprints and unconscious safety cycles. Own it honestly. Just a little willingness and curiosity into these parts of yourself can go a long way.


- Breakthroughs in financial options. New inspirations for making money that are avant garde, cutting edge, and perhaps ridiculous at first. Your intuition is guiding you into new manifestation realms.


- Selling, negotiating, donating, investing, collecting, recycling, owning. Fast-moving developments around what you value and want. Potentially seeming "too good to be true" - do your research, watch out for those Ponzi or MLM schemes - as the real deal will prove to be real over time. Might be difficult to be cautious. "Business as usual" evolves into uncharted territory. Surfing the waves of instability.


- Reassessing unconscious values that were holding energy, patterns, habits, and routines that you don't even want anymore. Quick realizations of what needs to go.


- Breaking up with previous versions of yourself that you no longer want to give energy to. Seeing how you've created particular areas of life that are now being upgraded. No longer accepting lower expressions of yourself. #ByeFelicia 


- Awakening to what is possible as the energy drives you forward at lightning speed. Your Soul's frequency is already alive, healthy, and joyful in these new frequencies. Now the physical energies need to catch up with this alignment.


The previous Scorpio eclipse and Venus Star Point energies focused on what you share and co-create with others (Libra and Scorpio), but this eclipse portal is a return to Self (Taurus) and stabilizing your core energy internally as dramatic growth unfolds. A paradox. Feeling impatient with an area of life - "are we there YET?!?" - while also feeling overwhelmed by fast-moving changes.


You won't see it coming. Your growth. Your shift in consciousness. A sudden understanding of your path or Self. You might not even notice it at first.


And then your internal world will have evolved to a point that anything not in resonance will fall off and away.

A new internal self-love is birthing that may feel challenging and trigger the parts of you that have become comfortable in lower frequencies.


The Universe is helping you build and solidify in this cycle.

Be very intentional with your YES energy.

You are being affirmed that you can create and have more and better.


Discomfort is guaranteed - like yet another puberty cycle - but also affirms growth is happening.


Your comfort zone is increasing and expanding so you can be more of yourself in the world effortlessly.

Embrace the uncertainty as a beautiful point of ongoing co-creation with the Universe.

Your soul's guidance system is supporting you gracefully.

All is perfectly well.



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