Join Us For the Awakening Astrology Retreat in Sedona! March 3 to 5, 2023


Suuuuppppeerr excited to share with you.....

We're bring our Awakening Astrology Quantum Embodiment Experience to Sedona, AZ from March 3 to 5, 2023!

Yaaassss!!!⁠ 🪄

We each have a unique celestial imprint (our natal chart) and soul code within Universal Source Energy.⁠

When we tap into deeper connections with the astrological weather, we learn how to flow with and utilize the astrological weather within our personal energy fields. ⁠

When we create intentional practices within our individual energies, we manifest greater healing, transformation, evolution, and ease for our divinely orchestrated unfolding path and for our ineffable collective contribution. ⁠

We let go of external programming and narratives that keep us limited and dimmed. ⁠

We shine our light so bright others begin to shine theirs, too.⁠

Welcome to your new alignment practice in embodied ascension as we reawaken the cosmos in us all.⁠

In our 3 days together, you will intentionally connect your astrological energies with your body, chakras, and aura to further embody all of your frequencies. ⁠

✨ It's going to be epic + awesome!⁠✨

👉 All details right here!⁠

👉 Registration now open!

Can't wait!⁠🙌😍🙏


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