Awakening Astrology Retreat

A Quantum Embodiment Experience


Sedona, Arizona event

is now sold out



March 3 to 5, 2023

Sedona Creative Life Center




We each have a unique celestial imprint (our natal chart) and soul code within Universal Source Energy.


When we tap into deeper connections with our personal astrological signature, we learn how to flow with and utilize those energies within our energy fields. 


We elevate even more when we create intentional practices within our individual energies.


We manifest greater healing, transformation, evolution, and ease for our divinely orchestrated unfolding path and for our ineffable collective contribution. 


In our 3 days together, you will intentionally connect your astrological energies with your body, chakras, and aura to further embody all of your frequencies so you can create new states of alignment for greater manifestation of your divine calling + soul purpose here and now.  


Join Us For This Transformational & Healing Gathering!

Your Astrology Chart Is Your Expanding Consciousness 


We're going to dive deeper into the unique energy imprints of your personal planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

  • Activating Your Full Solar Consciousness
  • Advancing Your Unconscious Lunar Energies
  • Balancing Your Mental Consciousness
  • Expanding Your Divine Feminine Consciousness
  • Exploring Your Divine Masculine Consciousness


Each of these planets holds valuable understandings that you are designed to experience in this lifetime. So let's amp it up!


Through 5 planet-focused workshops, Molly will guide you into more specifics of what each planet offers you around your soul imprints, energy dynamics, and new potentials. She is going to teach and share insights that she has not offered publicly before to assist you in going deeper into what your consciousness is ready to receive and work with now.



Celestial Embodiment Activations


Your body + soul are ready for further integration and deeper connection to your astrological energies.


Through 5 embodiment workshops, Lori will engage you in body movements, energy calibration, cosmic guidance, soul integration, inner child resurgence and deep present moment activations through meditation journeys to drop into profound mastery of the Universal energies within. 


Learn how to create a Higher Consciousness practice into your life, hear messages and guidance from your Cosmic Support Team, turn down the matrix and turn up the New Earth Awakening here and now.


Welcome to a state of transcendence like you've never experienced before! 


Let's do this!


A beautiful gathering space awaits us at the Sedona Creative Life Center!
With an abundance of natural light, room to move our bodies, and an open floor plan, we will have plenty of ways to work with astrological energies and our body consciousness.
We'll also enjoy a privately catered lunch each day of our 3 day experience.

Our group hotel rooms at the Arabella are sold out! 


We are not able to add more rooms because the hotel is completely booked. March is one of the busiest times in Sedona. 


We recommend seeking other local hotels or AirBnb for your accommodations. 

“Thank you so much for these workshops. I have had so many downloads, clearings, major clarity around relationships: mom, patterns in attracting others and myself. I now see what is required right now moving forward, beautiful decisions. Thank you for bringing me back to this essential space.” ~ Sonia, Orlando, FL

We're Excited To Meet You In Person!

Meet Molly

Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author, intuitive astrologer, and modern consciousness teacher who has hosted a successful podcast since 2012.

She has published twelve books, created numerous online programs (summits, webinars, courses), hosts a weekly podcast with over 4 million downloads, and advised numerous entrepreneurs and small business owners to better results.

As a professional astrologer, Molly focuses on your spiritual development and soul growth through the cosmic guidance of your natal astrology chart. She connects regularly with Lightworkers, Starseeds, healers, empaths, energy guides, and pioneers of new consciousness expressions that are here to make the most of their unique energy signature in this lifetime. 

Meet Lori

Lori brings you over 2 decades of experience as a Holistic and Trauma-Informed Healer, Intuitive Medium, Embodiment Guide, Ritual Facilitator and Fear Culture Disrupter.  As the host of the soul hitting podcast The Raw and Wild Hearts, her enthusiasm for your potential is palpable. 

Lori came into this physical world with the ability to hear, see and feel messages from her higher self and guides.  She brings her experience from lifetimes for your ultimate transformation of deep cultural programming and conditioning to rediscover your life force energy, innate cosmic connection and expression in a life where you can and should live a birthright of joy and ease in this wild human journey. 

Lori's deliverance of meditation and astral guidance offers access points to the evolutionary and creative expansion we were sent here to embody.  Her playful energy will reignite your inner child that heals deeply and easefully. Her passion for your multidimensional potential is unstoppable! 

You will move forward from our time together with greater ease, flow and light body activation in your physical experience and unfolding path. 


You know you are here to do powerful work in this realm - and it is a beautiful time to do it together!  


Let's Elevate and Expand Our Light Together!

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