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Floating In The Void of Completions and Potentials


Neptune in Pisces will be flowing across the final degree of the zodiac starting in May 2024, and will be moving you into a higher awareness of what you’ve been spiritually learning since 2011.


Neptune in Pisces is clearing and removing old versions of Self and consciousness that is a big theme in this lifetime.


Yet the ego and the mind are not comfortable with surrender or the unknown, which brings up more for you to move through and release. You’re deeply raising your vibration and elevating your frequency through the intense completion energies of Neptune in Pisces.


Listen to more in this podcast episode here



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Major Astrological Energies of June 2024


June strongly features planets in Gemini and Pisces energies, bringing up adaptability, thoughtful choices, intentional endings, and remaining open to changes that may be best for the long term.


As busy as life can get with Gemini influences - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter - the Universe is requiring you to slow down and trust the energy you intuitively feel before deciding or committing. This can save you from learning things the hard way this month, as the focus on duality can bring up doing things twice, or correcting errors.


Uranus enters new degree territory this month at 24 and 25 degrees Taurus, which will shake open new areas of life that can change quickly.


Saturn stations retrograde at 19 deg Pisces on June 29, so you may feel ready to slow down and sit with decisions and actions to assess their long-term effectiveness.


Plus, Venus in Gemini makes a conjunction to the Sun at 14 deg on June 4, which creates a Full Venus energy in June...

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New Guided Meditation! Aquarian Diamond Lightcode Downloads


In this 62-minute guided visualization experience, you will be guided to:

  • connect with more of your cosmic talents
  • flush out and release expired cellular energy
  • call in more of your star family connections and gifts from other other dimensions
  • embed the earth's ley lines with higher cosmic frequencies
  • re-align your relationships with solar consciousness
  • and immerse into newly encoded diamond frequency potentials.


Enjoy this new guided meditation right here



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Transiting Saturn in Pisces Interacting With All 12 Astrology Signs - Podcast


Transiting Saturn is moving through Pisces from 2023 into early 2026, so let’s take a look at how it is interacting with all 12 astrology signs. Saturn in Pisces is asking us to remove, release, and close out energies, while also taking responsibility and acceptance of what is in our reality.

Saturn is signaling it is time for endings, but also to deeply integrate more of your spiritual wisdom into your journey going further. The blessings of connecting with your God self and aligning with more of your Soul essence in practical ways is important.

We’ll journey from Aries to Pisces energies as Saturn interacts with each one and highlights important lessons, themes, and turning points.

Listen right here

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Now Open! Midnight Sun Iceland and Scotland Cruise with 7 Astrology Workshops!

Midnight Sun Cruise

Iceland, Scotland, Denmark

June 8 to 15, 2024


Join me on an amazing "bucket list" cruise as we sail together under the Midnight Sun and enjoy an astrology adventure!


Sailing in June near the Arctic Circle means the sun never fully sets as the earth is tilted towards the solar rays for nearly 24 hours a day. We'll be receiving the light of the Midnight Sun during this special adventure, which extends daylight hours and allows us to connect with more solar power and magical scenery that is only viewable this time of the year.

Our journey leaves from Reykjavik, Iceland and stops in 2 remote areas of Iceland that are not easily accessible to the typical tourist, including the rugged beauty of the majestic Berufjörður fjord. We'll discover lands that the Vikings explored and inhabited, plus waterfalls, glaciers, and glorious landscapes unique to the untamed Icelandic extreme environments.

We'll then sail on to 2 ports of call in Kirkwall and...

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WOW! Pluto Conjunct Sun From Capricorn Into Aquarius


January 2024 offers powerful transitional energies!


Both the Sun and Pluto move from 29 degrees Capricorn into Aquarius TOGETHER over the same 24 hour period from January 20 to 21, 2024.


Let's take a look at the energies, themes, and consciousness shift!


Check it out here



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New Series! Learn More About Your Descendant In These Chart Tutorial Videos


Once you know your Ascendant or Rising sign, then you can find the opposite astrology sign on your Descendant. 


The Descendant energies signify what you seek out in others through relationships, partnerships, and connections as they connect with your own energy. Then the energy becomes more specific as we look at the ruling planet and where it is placed in your chart. 


For example, if you have Libra Rising, then your Descendant is ruled by the energies of Aries. We'll be exploring more about what this means in your chart, including the importance of the ruling planet, Mars. We look at the aspects and expressions of your natal Mars to understand more about how your Descendant energies may be attracted to certain qualities in other people.


We'll look at each of the 12 Descendant astrology signs through this series of chart tutorial videos. 

I hope this helps you understand more about your chart!


Check out more right here



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Energies and Expressions of Black Moon Lilith and White Moon Selena

Black Moon Lilith and White Moon Selena (h56) are location points associated with the lunar orbit yet hold beautiful insights into our emotional world through their oppositional perspectives that create a lovely trinity of expressions.


Black Moon Lilith is associated with emotional separation, what is done in secret and hidden, as well as our internal primal urges related to past karma.


White Moon Selena is a benevolent pure light shining on the higher path of personal integrity, blessings, and protection that brings about Universal rewards and beneficial karma that is created through higher vibrations and frequencies.


We’ll look at these lunar expressions, as well as how they are connected with feminine growth, maturity, and spiritual growth.


Listen to this podcast episode right here


The "Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord" podcast is available on all podcast platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, BlogTalkRadio, and...

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Lion's Gate Portal Evolutionary Energies


The 2023 Lion’s Gate Portal is an evolutionary energy as we receive the high-vibrating power of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, as it rises on the horizon and brings in cleansing power to our planet.


The portal opens the end of July until the middle of August as the Sun journeys through Leo, and expands our heart, desires, confidence, and courage to be our true selves.


With Venus retrograde in Leo, and a New Venus conjunction with the Sun on August 13, there is a stronger urge to move forward and take a risk based on what is coming through in your heart space. Heart healing and solar plexus expansion is streaming through to support what you want to build and experience in alignment with New Earth Consciousness.


Listen to more in this podcast episode right here.




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New! How will the Nodes of Fate impact your life into early 2025?


The Nodes of Fate move through Aries and Libra from July 2023 to January 2025, bringing energy and focus to where you are ready to grow into more of your true self.


Let's dive into what this means for you personally as we explore the energies of Aries and Libra in your natal chart by expression, house placement, and previous cycles of growth. 


- How the Nodes move through your chart

- New fated developments to trust and begin

- The 19-year Nodal Journey - Reversal, Square, Return

- What the Nodes bring up in each of the 12 astrology houses

- The North Node in Aries themes

- Big energy periods with the transiting planets in Aries

- Activating natal planets in Aries

- The South Node in Libra themes

- Closing out karmic and past life connections

- Why the South Node will be significant for generations of people


Please bring your natal astrology chart to this course.


Check it out right here 


Intermediate level astrology. It...

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