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New Series! Learn More About Your Descendant In These Chart Tutorial Videos


Once you know your Ascendant or Rising sign, then you can find the opposite astrology sign on your Descendant. 


The Descendant energies signify what you seek out in others through relationships, partnerships, and connections as they connect with your own energy. Then the energy becomes more specific as we look at the ruling planet and where it is placed in your chart. 


For example, if you have Libra Rising, then your Descendant is ruled by the energies of Aries. We'll be exploring more about what this means in your chart, including the importance of the ruling planet, Mars. We look at the aspects and expressions of your natal Mars to understand more about how your Descendant energies may be attracted to certain qualities in other people.


We'll look at each of the 12 Descendant astrology signs through this series of chart tutorial videos. 

I hope this helps you understand more about your chart!


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Energies and Expressions of Black Moon Lilith and White Moon Selena

Black Moon Lilith and White Moon Selena (h56) are location points associated with the lunar orbit yet hold beautiful insights into our emotional world through their oppositional perspectives that create a lovely trinity of expressions.


Black Moon Lilith is associated with emotional separation, what is done in secret and hidden, as well as our internal primal urges related to past karma.


White Moon Selena is a benevolent pure light shining on the higher path of personal integrity, blessings, and protection that brings about Universal rewards and beneficial karma that is created through higher vibrations and frequencies.


We’ll look at these lunar expressions, as well as how they are connected with feminine growth, maturity, and spiritual growth.


Listen to this podcast episode right here


The "Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord" podcast is available on all podcast platforms, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, BlogTalkRadio, and...

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Venus Star Point Energies in Leo - New 8 Year Cycle Begins!


New love, abundance, and creation cycles begin with the New Venus energy that is activated on August 13, 2023, when Venus retrograde is exactly conjunct the Sun at 20 deg Leo.

This energy closes a cycle that began in August 2015 (the last New Venus in Leo), as well as looking at what came to fruition during the Full Venus energy in August 2019. Powerful energy from the Sun in its ruling sign of Leo is invigorating Venus with new lightcodes, inspirations, self-worth, prosperity, and love connections.

Powerful soulmate connections, romantic relationships, and heart-based interactions will begin anew now, especially after the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal and the Leo New Moon on August 16. It’s a time to be very intentional with what you want to manifest and experience in this new cycle, especially as the energy will unfold over the next 8 years.

More to share in this podcast episode, so click to listen right here.

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Major Astrological Energies of August 2023


August begins and ends with 2 Super Full Moons, plus we’ll have 7 retrograde planets as the month closes out, so we’ll need to be adaptable and flexible, as well as willing to slow down and truly listen to what your energy is saying to you.


Many planets are in Earth signs right now, bringing our attention to our physical world, responsibilities, and priorities. Mercury stations retrograde on August 23, the same day the Sun enters Virgo, and creates an exciting trine to Uranus in Taurus which also stations retrograde on August 28.


Venus retrograde is in effect all of August, too, so allow yourself to retract as needed and make time to hear your heart’s messages more.


Listen to the monthly energies right here.




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Lion's Gate Portal Evolutionary Energies


The 2023 Lion’s Gate Portal is an evolutionary energy as we receive the high-vibrating power of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, as it rises on the horizon and brings in cleansing power to our planet.


The portal opens the end of July until the middle of August as the Sun journeys through Leo, and expands our heart, desires, confidence, and courage to be our true selves.


With Venus retrograde in Leo, and a New Venus conjunction with the Sun on August 13, there is a stronger urge to move forward and take a risk based on what is coming through in your heart space. Heart healing and solar plexus expansion is streaming through to support what you want to build and experience in alignment with New Earth Consciousness.


Listen to more in this podcast episode right here.




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New! How will the Nodes of Fate impact your life into early 2025?


The Nodes of Fate move through Aries and Libra from July 2023 to January 2025, bringing energy and focus to where you are ready to grow into more of your true self.


Let's dive into what this means for you personally as we explore the energies of Aries and Libra in your natal chart by expression, house placement, and previous cycles of growth. 


- How the Nodes move through your chart

- New fated developments to trust and begin

- The 19-year Nodal Journey - Reversal, Square, Return

- What the Nodes bring up in each of the 12 astrology houses

- The North Node in Aries themes

- Big energy periods with the transiting planets in Aries

- Activating natal planets in Aries

- The South Node in Libra themes

- Closing out karmic and past life connections

- Why the South Node will be significant for generations of people


Please bring your natal astrology chart to this course.


Check it out right here 


Intermediate level astrology. It...

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The Best Paint Color for Your Zodiac Sign - Better Homes & Gardens Article


Have you ever wondered why you have an affinity for some colors and a strong aversion to others?


Color psychology provides one answer, demonstrating the powerful influence color has on your mood and behavior.


If you’re into astrology, you’ll know your zodiac sign can play a role in shaping your personality—which can also influence your color preferences. Each sign has its own set of characteristics and is inevitably drawn to different color palettes.

We spoke to Molly McCord, M.A., a professional astrologer and author of Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation to understand more about the core traits of each zodiac sign and identify the perfect paint color for each one.

Get inspired here

It was fun to contribute to this article! :)


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Venus in Leo Energies and Themes - Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus journeys through Leo for 4 months in 2023 due to her retrograde from July 22 to Sept 4, and she will have many significant aspects to other planets that will bring about changes, evolution, and release in money, relationships, friendships, creativity, and your heart’s desires.  


Venus in Leo highlights how you love and accept yourself – self-worth, creativity, personal expressions, confidence, strength – and how those qualities create what you want and desire in your world. As Venus moves through Leo, she will have notable interactions with all outer planets, which will require her to receive their influence, and let go of her expectations as her evolutionary process is going to involve many messages.


This podcast provides an overview of the energetic dance Venus in Leo will encounter, including how she is reprogramming her own standards and connecting to more of your authentic needs.


Much more to share in this episode.



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50% off! Get caught up on 2023 Astrology: The Biggest Astrology Since 2020!



50% off for a limited time


2023 brings in significant turning points as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes of Fate change signs.


In fact, it is the biggest astrology we've experienced since 2020 - so let's be ready for it as much as we can!


We'll journey through all of the main energy of the year, including:


- Learn how to navigate the four Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now in your life


- Get a heads up on the powerful Venus retrograde in Leo energies that are in effect during the middle of 2023


- Understand how new areas of soul growth open up with the North Node moving into Aries


- Be ready for fast-moving Jupiter to highlight Divine Timing by moving through all of Aries and stabilizing energies in Taurus 


- See where Saturn in Pisces focuses your energies with completion and release for your path now


- Identify how Uranus, the North...

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#1 Bestseller "Awakening Astrology" Now Available In Paperback, Audiobook, and Digital Versions


My brand new astrology book dives deeper into your five personal planets -- sharing with you wisdom I've never discussed or released before! I've kept my big mouth shut about some of these insights that I hope really support you in understanding your chart even more.



"Every astrological chart has wisdom to offer, but the array of planets, houses and signs can be bewildering.


In Awakening Astrology: Five Key Planetary Energies for Personal Transformation, professional astrologer and bestselling author Molly McCord offers an accessible path that is both easy to grasp and full of potent information.


In clear and concise language, McCord takes a deeper look at the five key planets that influence the most important areas of our lives:


The Sun: How you present yourself outwardly to the world.

The Moon: How you move through your daily life and respond to others.

Mercury: How you think, communicate, and digest information.


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