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December 2021 Soul Growth Astrology Now Available!

A lot of energy in the last month of the year!  December begins with Neptune stationing direct on the first of the month, as we also have eclipse energies underway with the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse in the first week.


Venus in Capricorn meets up with Pluto and has a conjunction for most of the month. Mars spends half the month in Scorpio and then enters Sagittarius on the same day that Mercury moves from Sagittarius into Capricorn.


The middle of the month has powerful highlights with Gemini Full Moon as well as Chiron stationing direct at 8 degrees Aries. Plus, the third and final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus RX at 11 degrees on December 23.


So much going on!


In this webinar, we journey through the full month and cover all of the aspects of December, including the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Gemini Full Moon.


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:


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November 2021 Soul Growth Astrology Is Here!

November is dynamic and active as eclipse season begins with the Scorpio New Moon and really comes alive with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse energies. All of the personal planets are direct this month and make encouraging connections to the outer planets, showing us new potentials and directions that we're ready for. Saturn in Aquarius and Chiron RX in Aries make another exact sextile, revealing how far you have come this year in healing and re-building parts of yourself or your life for a fresh start. 


In this program, we journey through the full month and cover all of the aspects of November, including the Scorpio New Moon and the Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and the energies of the personal planets.


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Mercury moves quickly through end of Libra, Scorpio, and into Sagittarius

- Venus moves into Sagittarius and enters shadow zone in Capricorn

- Mars moves through Scorpio

- Strong focus...

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50% off! 2021 Soul Growth Astrology ~ A Year of Soul Advancements

With only a few months left in 2021, you can still discover how the final 2 eclipses, the third Saturn-Uranus square, and the end of the year energies will show up for you.


- Learn how to navigate the three Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now for the year ahead
- Get a heads up on the powerful Venus retrograde in Capricorn energies that will transform you and the world in late 2021 
- Understand how the North Node in Gemini is activating parts of your life from 2002 and 2003
- Be ready for Jupiter to expand you in multiple areas of life by moving through all of Aquarius and into the early degrees of Pisces
- Understand new soul solutions that begin with the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020, and then grows into higher potentials throughout 2021
- See where Saturn in Aquarius activates a strong sense of self, fresh ideas and clearer Aquarian Age energies for your path now
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October 2021 Soul Growth Astrology Program Now Available


October is a turnaround of energies as four planes station direct - Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury - and strong Air signs help us with solutions, ideas, and connecting with the right people for next steps.


It is a month to practice being in your equilibrium as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars travel through Libra and connect us with other potentials.



Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Mercury retrograde in Libra until October 18

- Venus enters Sagittarius

- Mars moves through the rest of Libra and into Scorpio

- Strong focus on Air signs (Libra and Aquarius)

- Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all station direct

- October ends with 4 retrograde planets

- Discussion on the energies of Mercury, Venus, Mars

- Libra New Moon

- Aries Full Moon

- Key astrological dates for October


Use code LIBRA at checkout to get the full program for only $11 USD


Check it out here




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2022 Soul Growth Astrology Program Is Here!


2022 brings in new potentials for

grounding and growth during ongoing world changes.


- Learn how to navigate the four Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now in your life


- Get a heads up on the powerful Venus retrograde in Capricorn energies that are in affect in January 2022


- Understand how new areas of soul growth open up with the North Node moving into Taurus


- Be ready for fast-moving Jupiter to highlight Divine Timing by moving through all of Pisces and initiating new energies in Aries 


- See where Saturn in Aquarius activates a strong sense of self, fresh ideas and clearer Aquarian Age energies for your path now



- And more insights to help guide you through another powerful year of global changes


Use code 2022 at checkout to get the full program for only $25 USD!


More details right here




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Join Us In The Galactic Center



The Galactic Center is a private online platform where Molly shares channeled messages and guidance from high-vibe sources to support your energetic alignment. 


Many cosmic messages are only shared in this private space in order to protect the information as it comes through. 


Once you sign-in, you can access all current messages now. 


You'll also receive an email when a new message is posted. 


Sign up here for free



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50% off Newest Astrology Course: How To Read Your Solar Return Chart Online Program


Every solar return chart is an energy signature for the year ahead.


Together, we'll journey through the main astrology and major themes of your solar return chart so you have a heads up on what the year ahead will involve and highlight in your soul's growth.


Over 8 prerecorded video teachings, you'll learn the main energies and themes in your solar return chart, including: 

  • What the Sun and Moon signify in your solar return

  • Why a New Moon, Full Moon, or Eclipse on your birthday coincides with Divine Timing

  • The importance of any retrograde personal planets 

  • What the major aspects are highlighting for you about the year ahead

  • Where each of the outer planets is speaking to you through an area of growth, development, and change

  • How to pinpoint main themes in your solar return chart

  • A deeper look at each of the 12 houses in your solar return

  • Plus, a lot more details and specifics to be aware of for your upcoming year and what will be...

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New! Let's AMPLIFY Your Online Business And Get 50% off


With so many big changes and shifts happening in our lives, you may feel it's time for you to go bigger and trust the direction that inspires you now.  


Many of us are following a passion that is unique, special, inspiring -- and scary at times because it can feel like A LOT needs to get done and you don't want to mess up or do it wrong. 


And chances are high, that most of the work for your business is on your plate as a solopreneur or entrepreneur who is building it all on your own. 


Sound familiar? 

Then I hope I can help you.


Because of all of these factors (and more), I created a new business development program made for those of us doing *SO MUCH* on our own... while feeling the pull of our soul's work to keep going forward... and wanting to do everything "right" without wasting money, hours in a day, or getting sidetracked.... and looking to see long-term results for what we put into everything we create and...

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Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business - Limited Time Offer!


The energies are ramping up, and it's more important than ever for more awake, conscious people to be following their soul's mission work on the planet. Are you ready to go further in your business and move past any of those pesky fears that have been holding you back?


If YES, I'd love to help you move forward. 


For a limited time, you can purchase the full Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business audio course for only $55 USD with coupon code MANIFEST - regularly $88 USD - saving you $33 bucks. 


You will receive immediate access to all of the course content, which includes:

  • 13 audio recordings with over 140 minutes of information, guidance, and instruction
  • Exercises, visualizations, and self-anaylsis
  • 8 Abundance Affirmation Cards
  • Access from any device
  • Go at your own speed
  • Lifetime access so you can revisit information and content


So you will receive ALL OF THIS expert guidance for only $55 USD.


In nine easy-to-follow...

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50% off! Learn Transits In Your Astrology Chart

Are you interested in learning even more about these transiting energies in your natal chart?
Astrology transits are the current planetary energies of the moment. Chances are, you're looking for this information on a regular basis as you learn about your astrology sign and chart. 
In this intermediate level astrology course, I'll teach you how to connect the astrology dots and understand what is showing up in your chart at a more personal level.
~ Take a look at the area of life calling for your greatest attention right now and where your physical energy is at its highest for the next month.
~ Make the most of where you are easily supported and how you are receptive to greater joy in specifics houses in your chart.
~ Get better acquainted with your personal healing journey and where your Higher Self is also traveling with you.
~Feel stronger around where you are being required to "work for it" in your life and...
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