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Major Astrological Energies of May 2023


The month of May begins with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, Mercury retrograde, and the Sun’s annual conjunction with Uranus, bringing up changes, re-directions, and endings that may take time to process. Endings are happening for this lifetime based on how you have raised your standards, grown, and evolved.


Jupiter moves across 29 degrees Aries, activating the Aries Solar Eclipse, and then enters Taurus on May 16 for the first time in 12 years.


Jupiter in Taurus experiences a square to Pluto in Aquarius at 0 degrees, and then Mars in Leo and the Nodes of Fate join the party in this Fixed Grand Cross.


There could be an ego death, discomfort, and significant deeper understandings of what is being reset, especially if you’ve closed out a lot of karma and unhealthy patterns.

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Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business - Limited Time Offer!


The energies are ramping up, and it's more important than ever for more awake, conscious people to be following their soul's mission work on the planet. Are you ready to go further in your business and move past any of those pesky fears that have been holding you back?


If YES, I'd love to help you move forward. 


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So you will receive ALL OF THIS expert guidance for only $55 USD.


In nine easy-to-follow...

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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse - Evolving Into New Levels of Magic and Power

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5 at 15 degrees is a deeper understanding into what you've been feeling and processing since the November 8 Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus which was at the opposite point in your chart.


Scorpio gifts us with connecting to more of our emotional truth and to the hidden magic that resides under the other energies that tend to get our attention first. But moving through the layers takes us into more internal brilliance and power.


This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is working with the South Node in Scorpio, signaling a purging and emotional completion that is necessary, even if it is uncomfortable or triggers fears that we want to avoid.


Ultimately, you are being set free to no longer hold onto what is heavy or keeping you back in any capacity. The focus on Taurus energies signals that we're continuing on to a simpler, lighter path of self-knowingness and joy.


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Mercury Retrograde In Taurus

A quieter Mercury retrograde in Taurus unfolds from April 21 to May 14 and is an opportunity to retract, reflect, and review what has dramatically shifted for you in recent years. The Universe is gifting us with time for patience, solitude, consideration, and internal strengthening.


Mercury retrograde moves between 5 to 15 degrees Taurus, covering the territory that Uranus in Taurus has been dramatically changing in your life since 2019.


Now is the time to sit with the changes and shifts to determine what you want to build and grow next, especially before Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16 and expands this area of your energy and world.


More to share in this podcast episode. Listen here




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New Topic! Understanding Your Ascendant, Descendant and the Relationship Axis Energies

Your ascendant and descendant are important energies in your natal astrology chart as they reveal your relationship needs, patterns, and habits.


I share with you some examples of what to look for in both your natal astrology chart and through the transiting planets as they interact with your ascendant/descendant axis energies.


This may be a bit more advanced for some, but it's truly eye-opening!


Check it out here



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New Videos: Awakening to Your Mars Sign + Raising Your Personal Consciousness

Your natal Mars sign reveals what you want and how you assert yourself, as well as how you deal with frustrations, defeat, and handle difficulties. Mars can help you understand how you stand up for yourself and respond in the moment to life circumstances. Mars's energy signature wants you to feel confident and strong in yourself, and go after what you can do in your life.


Watch more here


Your natal Mars sign can be very primal and unconscious, especially from when you were younger. Mars can often be connected to the bottom 3 chakras which can also reveal how you are able to consciously elevate the energy to more of your power and choices. Understanding your Mars expression can also give you more information about the consequences of your actions and how others are receiving the energy.


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New Videos: Awakening to Your Venus Sign + Evolving Your Self-Confidence & Relationship Patterns


Your natal Venus is connected to many areas of your energy field, including our relationships with money, finances, and abundance. When you tap into the base energy of your Venus, you can then consciously elevate your own connection to higher levels of self-worth and your understanding of your personal energy system.


Watch more here


Your natal Venus is connected to many areas of your energy field, including our relationships with money, finances, and abundance. When you tap into the base energy of your Venus, you can then consciously elevate your own connection to higher levels of self-worth and your understanding of your personal energy system.


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2 Videos: Awakening to Your Mercury Sign and Expanding Your Perspectives


Your Mercury sign is a very important energy in terms of how you communicate, think, and perceive what you're experiencing, but your Mercury sign energy is also very important to the other planets in your chart, too. Strengthening your Mercury sign leads to positive connections and developments to the other planets and what they need to express, say, and share.


Watch more here


Your natal Mercury sign can be on auto-pilot and even be unaware of other ways to view a situation or problem, but there are opportunities to open up to new perspectives. If you go to the OPPOSITE astrological sign, you can expand the issue or topic with objectivity and see another side of the picture.


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2 New Videos: Your Moon Sign and Unconscious Emotional Imprints of Your Soul's Arrival


Your natal moon sign holds a powerful energetic imprint related to your emotional development in this lifetime, especially as the energies from birth can be unconsciously expressed and carried into multiple areas of your life.


Your moon sign reveals more about your soul growth as well as what you may be holding around karma, family lineage, a potential mother wound, attachment style, and more. The aspects to your moon are also important in understanding these imprints.


Watch more here


Your moon sign is how you unconsciously receive and respond to energies, as well as how you physically feel the energies in your body consciousness.


You may be unconsciously receiving energies in particular chakras or body centers that require your awareness and understanding, as well as more connection to how the energy can flow or move through you in a healthier way.


Watch more here



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Gathering of the Shamans is happening in May in Sedona, AZ


Long before religions were organized, there were shamans.


They practiced a form of direct experience and revelation that dates back more than 40,000
years and served their tribes in a unique capacity that combined skills of a psychologist,
spiritual adviser, healer, philosopher, and friend.

They used rituals, tools, and wisdom to provide guidance, and many had an amazing
understanding of the stars, as ancient structures around the world correspond to specific
celestial alignments.

Shamans are perhaps best known for their ability to see subtle energy patterns, and under their
direction, you can learn to quickly shift your perspective, remove stubborn inner blockages, and
step into a life of ease, flow, and magic.


Every year, my publisher sponsors a unique weekend event called The Gathering of the
Shamans in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center.


This year’s event takes place May 5th -7th , and I invite you to learn more about...

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