Now Open! Midnight Sun Iceland and Scotland Cruise with 7 Astrology Workshops!

Midnight Sun Cruise

Iceland, Scotland, Denmark

June 8 to 15, 2024


Join me on an amazing "bucket list" cruise as we sail together under the Midnight Sun and enjoy an astrology adventure!


Sailing in June near the Arctic Circle means the sun never fully sets as the earth is tilted towards the solar rays for nearly 24 hours a day. We'll be receiving the light of the Midnight Sun during this special adventure, which extends daylight hours and allows us to connect with more solar power and magical scenery that is only viewable this time of the year.

Our journey leaves from Reykjavik, Iceland and stops in 2 remote areas of Iceland that are not easily accessible to the typical tourist, including the rugged beauty of the majestic Berufjörður fjord. We'll discover lands that the Vikings explored and inhabited, plus waterfalls, glaciers, and glorious landscapes unique to the untamed Icelandic extreme environments.

We'll then sail on to 2 ports of call in Kirkwall and Inverness, Scotland that invite us into prehistoric sites, traditions, and cultural practices that may awaken more of your connections to the Scottish Highlands and Celtic history.

Our epic cruise adventure includes 2 Days at Sea, where I will be teaching 7 astrology workshops, answering your questions, and supporting your astrological understanding during this very special Midnight Sun adventure.


Astrology workshops are tailored to beginner and intermediate levels of astrology knowledge.


The journey begins in Reykavik, Iceland on June 8 and ends in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 15, 2024.


Click here for more information as registration is now open at


*Yes, we are aware of the recent volcanic activity in Iceland and we recommend travel insurance in case any disruptions occur that may affect your travel plans. We will also trust Holland America's recommendations should any changes to the itinerary be needed. 


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