Major Astrological Energies of June 2024


June strongly features planets in Gemini and Pisces energies, bringing up adaptability, thoughtful choices, intentional endings, and remaining open to changes that may be best for the long term.


As busy as life can get with Gemini influences - Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter - the Universe is requiring you to slow down and trust the energy you intuitively feel before deciding or committing. This can save you from learning things the hard way this month, as the focus on duality can bring up doing things twice, or correcting errors.


Uranus enters new degree territory this month at 24 and 25 degrees Taurus, which will shake open new areas of life that can change quickly.


Saturn stations retrograde at 19 deg Pisces on June 29, so you may feel ready to slow down and sit with decisions and actions to assess their long-term effectiveness.


Plus, Venus in Gemini makes a conjunction to the Sun at 14 deg on June 4, which creates a Full Venus energy in June 2024. This conjunction relates to what was beginning for you in June 2020, when retrograde Venus in Gemini was conjunct the Sun to help you learn, grow, and develop your self-love in a new way, which will show up in your chart where you have 14 degrees Gemini.


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