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You are the CFO and CEO of your life. Now is the perfect time to take conscious steps towards your best financial future, especially in our current climate where it can be easy to slip into overwhelm, confusion, and stagnation around your financial well-being. 


My newest program, "Prosper with Conscious Financial Planning", guides you to clearer financial management and organization across 6 individual on-demand webinars.


This is a financial education program with a high-level perspective of your financial choices, options, and areas to explore to put you on the best possible path based on where you are right now.


In this program, you will gain insights and direction on:

  • creating your current living balance sheet 

  • analyzing your cash flow mechanics 

  • financial gravity and a demonstration of how it works in your life

  • the most important healthy habit to establish now

  • understanding how your financial treadmill operates

  • determining your economic value and key protection opportunities

  • different types of financial protection to consider 

  • estate planning, wills and trust details to consider

  • how to approach long-term tax planning

  • understanding the broader significance of our current financial economy

  • a historical look at investing cycles so you can make informed decisions for yourself

  • and much more to assist with your smart financial decision-making 


Join me and Financial Advisor Bill Combs as he offers you information and education for today's financial priorities and tomorrow's needs. 


You can discover everything we discuss right over here on this page. It's a lot of beneficial guidance that I wish I had had a number of years ago, which is why I'm excited to share it with you now.


For a limited time, use coupon code PROSPER at checkout to get the full program for only $99 USD. 


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