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Now is the time to Prosper with Conscious Financial Planning.


Take conscious steps towards

your best financial future.

Join me and Financial Advisor Bill Combs as he offers you information and education for today's financial priorities and tomorrow's needs.

"You deserve to feel empowered, and less overwhelmed, with your financial potential."



High-Level Financial Education and Planning Information, Including:

1 - Your Current Finances

Organize your financial life and living balance sheet (protection, assets, liabilities and cash flow) into manageable sections to determine your priorities and needs.

2 - Cash Flow Momentum

Develop confidence and achieve your goals with educated cash flow decisions, depicted through a financial gravity exercise, cash flow engines, and the financial treadmill.


3 - Your Economic Value

Stay focused on your economic value through appropriate  protections, especially by separating your personal and business resources, and making smart insurance decisions.


4 - Long-Term Tax Planning

Actively plan for the long-term and for retirement through entity selection (LLC, S-Corp, etc), maximizing deductions, tax deferrals and income shifting. 

5 - Global Complexities

Understand your current financial opportunities through a historical lens on investing cycles, inflation, and potential outcomes for these rare times.   


Molly Asks, Bill Answers

What to do if you feel overwhelmed, financial priorities for right now vs. for later, recommendations if you feel financially limited, and more


Prosper with Conscious Financial Planning

guides you to clearer financial management and organization across 6 individual on-demand webinars.


In this program, you will gain insights and direction on:

  • creating your current living balance sheet 

  • analyzing your cash flow mechanics 

  • financial gravity and a demonstration of how it works in your life

  • the most important healthy habit to establish now

  • understanding how your financial treadmill operates

  • determining your economic value and key protection opportunities

  • different types of financial protection to consider 

  • estate planning, wills and trust details to consider

  • how to approach long-term tax planning

  • understanding the broader significance of our current financial economy

  • a historical look at investing cycles so you can make informed decisions for yourself

  • and much more to assist with your smart financial decision-making 

Plus, gain access to professional resources and financial tools, including:

Wealth Steps

Receive complimentary access to this professional-level online financial wellness tool.



Resources & Design Tool

Determine a solid retirement plan with a specialized planning tool that identifies your unique situation.

Estate Planning Kit

Prepare now with an estate planning tool kit that includes trust and will guidance for peace of mind.

Say Hello To Your Financial Advisor


Meet Bill Combs 

Bill Combs specializes in wealth management, portfolio analysis, and client relationships. His unique ability to take complex investment management decisions and communicate them clearly to clients helps provide comprehensive solutions that identify portfolio exposure and volatility by performing a structural, diversification and cost analysis of investment holdings. He is a member of The Olivia Team with WestPac Wealth. 

Bill lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and young family.


Meet Molly McCord

Molly is an intuitive astrologer, author of 10 books, podcaster, and business guide for other online entrepreneurs building their dream. 

In her previous professional experiences, Molly was a personal banker (ranking #2 in the state of Oregon), digital marketing strategist for a Fortune 500 company, and has held numerous sales and marketing roles with over 20 years of expertise. 

Molly lives on the east coast of Florida with her young son.

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