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July 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


July begins with the third eclipse of this eclipse season at 14 degrees Capricorn, which highlights a reality check around what needs to change in your life for the second half of 2020.


July has strong Cancer - Capricorn energies throughout the month, including both the Full Moon and New Moon, and this is the last 'hurrah' of this energy axis in your chart. 


We'll look at the astrological transits as the Sun travels through Cancer and then into Leo, including the heads up on the energies between July 14 to July 21. 


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Final Capricorn eclipse July 5: Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees 

- Mercury stations direct at 5 degrees Cancer

- Strong Cancer and Capricorn energies for the whole month

- Chiron stations retrograde at 9 degrees Aries

- Second Cancer New Moon at 28 degrees

- 6 retrograde planets throughout the month

- Key astrological dates for...

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