Pisces New Moon - Next Level Manifestations After Mastering Spiritual Lessons

The Pisces New Moon at 1 degree is a time to reflect on what you have moved through spiritually, as well as how you are trusting your sense, feelings, and intuition on a regular basis. You may have new insights into what you've been learning, healing, and working through that now takes on a new form.
There is an overlapping Pisces theme with Venus and Neptune in Pisces closing out a chapter with a sextile to Pluto, and the new energies coming forth in the lunar cycle. You could feel this energetic overlap showing up in what you've been releasing and making room for in your life.
Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, and then be conjunct this same degree point 3 times in 2023: March 20, Oct 3, and Dec 5. Saturn brings energies into a shape and physical structure, so this is a very important time to be intentional and conscious of what you are wanting in your life as the energies play out into December 2023.

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