Join Me In Scottsdale! Celebrate Your Life with Astrology, Expansion, Spiritual Growth



If you LOVE spiritual expansion, *astrology*, inspiring personal insights, Conversations with God, Agape wisdom, returning to LOVE, and tapping into your spiritual gifts...

well then...

have I got an INCREDIBLE event to invite you to in late October!


Join me for a weekend of amazingness at 

Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale, AZ  from October 28th to 31st!




Get ready for profound learning, laughter, and guidance from some of the leading minds in spiritual learning, including...


Michael Bernard Beckwith,

Neale Donald Walsh,

Lisa Williams,

Matt Kahn,

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.,

Gabby Bernstein,

Sunny Dawn Johnston,

Dougall Fraser,

and more!


There is no greater magic than being together LIVE in the room when transformation happens.


Every cell in your body will be vibrating with love, and your spirit will soar with joy and gratitude for giving yourself permission to be a part of this high-vibration experience!




You’ll experience deeply healing keynote sessions, intensive workshops, soul tribe connections, heart-centered music and so much more!


I will be teaching two astrology workshops - one on Saturday, one on Sunday - during the main part of the event.


I'm excited to connect with you in-person as we dive into more of your astrology chart!


You can choose your own experience and price point for the full experience that fits you best. Check it out.


Hope to see you in Scottsdale! 


All of the details are right here.



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