Cosmic Revelations: A 7 Week Astrology Summit


I'm STOKED to share with you this special collection of astrologers with very unique and different approaches to astrology!


Portal To Ascension’s 2022 Cosmic Revelations Series, with creatrix and host Shima Moore, will explore in-depth conversations about “real astrology” with seven astrologers in hopes of offering a balm to our innermost fears, challenges, hopes, desires, and thoughts about the who, what and why of our lives during these unsettling and illuminating times.

This curated group of world-renown astrologers including Molly McCord, David Palmer, Heather Ensworth, Tom Jacobs, Barbara Hand Clow, Daniel Giamario and Rick Levine, will shine a light on current events, history, art, physics, timelines, cultural happenings and so much more, from a cosmological perspective that reflects our importance in the divine plan and how each of us is specifically woven into the universal design.
The free Summit on June 29th will feature each astrologer describing their unique approach to astrology study and understanding.
Then there will be a WEEKLY interview with each astrology about their specialty, approach, and understanding of the vast world of astrology. The weekly interviews are part of the paid experience that features Zoom calls with each astrologer and focuses on their unique teachings and EXCLUSIVE understandings .
We hope you can join us for this fascinating astrology conversation and experience!
Hope you can make it!

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