Amazing Weekend of Creativity + Win A Book Deal From My Publisher!


Mark your calendar for a beautiful weekend of expansion, creativity, art, and personal transformation - and yes, astrology, too!


Join us at The Gathering of the Creatives ONLINE weekend experience for an amazing activation of your creative spark and authentic self-expression that perhaps has been hidden or suppressed or waiting for permission to be heard - and this is exactly the environment where you can unleash more of who you are, and watch it grow in a supportive space. 


I will be sharing more insights around your creativity and your astrology chart - a topic I'm teaching for the first time! And needless to say, I am so thrilled to be working alongside such powerhouse luminaries who have personally inspired me for years.


Join Elizabeth Gilbert, SARK, Flora Bowley, HeatherAsh Amara, don Jose Ruiz, Nick Seluk, Anatola Araba, Whitney Reya, Dr. Eric Maisel, Dr. Marie Mbouni, and many more top-notch teachers for this incredible online event, taking place the weekend of September 16-18, 2022.  (Replays will be available for ALL workshops.)


I'll be teaching you how to Activate Your Creative Spark with Astrology:

In this 2-hour workshop, we will look at the intersection of creativity and astrology! I will explain how ALL astrology signs are creative, then show you how to utilize astrology to enhance your own unique creative expression, as well as explain how your creative muse is always speaking to you - often in unexpected ways!


Join Us If You Want To...




Another bonus – one of the sponsors of this event, Hierophant Publishing, will be offering a free book
deal to one special winner! Submit your book proposal after the conference (by November 1st), and all submissions will be reviewed by the Hierophant Publishing editorial committee. A winner will be announced December 1st.


Come over and discover more about this special gathering! It's going to be very memorable and inspiring. 



Check out more details about The Gathering of the Creatives right here.



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