2023 Zero Point Activations

2023 activates multiple zero point energies through outer planets and the Nodes of Fate, signaling a powerful theme of beginnings, new cycles, fresh energies, and deep integrations unfolding.

We've been intensely evolving internally for a number of years, especially as soul lessons, healing, and deep themes have been coming up for personal realizations.

The discomfort has always had a Divine purpose. The discomfort has been there to serve you in re-connecting to more of your power, heart, intuition, and knowingness.

As the energies flow towards these zero points, it could feel like you were in a void, or maybe currently in a void, which is confirmation of what has left, what you have released, and how much personal work you've invested in that is changing your vibration.

You may sense a 'quietness' in this stage of surrender. You may feel your energy systems have calmed down, after initial stages of fear, doubt, grief, and uncertainty.

After the void, a shift begins to occur - slowly or quickly, depending on how you receive energy - that can be felt in your aura, chakras, and powerful energy centers.

You may feel different in ways you can't quite describe, but these are new energies coming in that are expanding you *because of* the void that was required. Expanding your light. Opening up your life force. Revealing new dreams, ideas, desires, courage, opportunities. 

We are integrating how to live more FROM and WITH our full energy, instead of only our minds or egos or limited perceptions. It could feel like a new joy or happiness aura is coming to life within you as confirmation of how you have beautifully grown through tough circumstances, intense healing, depression, and an unsettled fear body. It was necessary to connect with these parts of yourself - the darkest part of the tunnel - in order to accept more of your unconscious energies. 

We are opening up to new frequencies within us that have been dormant, covered under layers of density, and unconscious programming.

We are now connecting with a rising purity of Self - ready or not! You may feel even more energetically sensitive and aware, which is confirmation that you are more in tune with your spiritual gifts, intuition, and soul purpose even more.

Toxic people, unhealthy patterns, karmic attachments, and individuals at different levels of consciousness will be removed from your energy field. 

There is an active process underway of re-calibrating your authentic frequency that serves a much bigger purpose on the planet now. Courage to be your true self is being required. It can feel scary, risky, uncertain, and wildly unsettling because this is new territory based on what you have HEALED. Completed, grown, evolved, integrated. 

Throughout 2023, an intense integration will unfold as planets reach the final degrees of any astrology sign, and then enter the next consecutive astrology sign. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius will be traveling across the zero point multiple times into 2024, which reveals the areas of strongest influence in your astrology chart.

✨ Jupiter in Aries at 0 degrees- December 21 to 30, 2022

May Jupiter's journey through Aries awaken a rising sense of exciting possibilities that travel from your root chakra up to your crown chakra with a powerful force of self-love and self-acceptance. A rebirth is unfolding. A new sense of self is birthing. It was sampled in 2022, and now it is manifesting with greater consciousness in 2023. 

✨ Jupiter in Taurus at 0 degrees- May 16 to 21, 2023

May Jupiter entering Taurus provide you with grounded prosperity and stability for what you are ready to grow and build next, especially as Jupiter is traveling behind the roller coaster energies of Uranus. Greater support will arrive to cement in what you've claimed in your value system.

✨ Saturn in Pisces at 0 degrees- March 7 to 17, 2023; Oct 12 to Nov 28, 2023

May Saturn entering Pisces connect you with a beautiful dream that could only be realized after you went through an intense cycle of karmic completion, surrender, and spiritual growth. Saturn maintains energy records and keeps the score. Responsibly living your spiritual values in your life will bring about manifestations that are connected with Divine Timing. 

✨ Pluto in Aquarius at 0 degrees- March 23 to June 12, 2023

May Pluto entering Aquarius activate a powerful cellular turnover that awakens you to more of your authentic frequency and expressions. True colors are being revealed, both in others and to yourself because there is less density to hide behind. TRUTH in frequencies, thoughts, intentions, and spiritual growth. TRUTH in who you really are and who you came to be in this lifetime with your natural frequency state. The world is changing because of our emerging light that will not allow us to repeat lower cycles on the planet.

✨ North Node in Taurus at 0 degrees- July 7 to 17, 2023

May the nodal shift from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra be a renewal that energizes an empowered self-identity and new life adventures. As the North Node moves from Taurus into Aries, we are integrating energies from the sacral chakra into the root chakra. A whole new way of living your life is supported, including inspiration to explore self-expression, purpose, and personal goals. 

May you move forward with peace in your heart.

May you step into more of your power in delightful ways. 

May you open to more of your full truth.

May you feel a deep recognition for what you have learned so far.

May you have graciousness in yourself for what there is yet to learn on the road ahead.

May you feel stronger in your energy at this point in your journey.

May you feel more healed and whole than ever before.

May you move into this new cycle with an expanding sense of possibilities, wonder, and gratitude that you are a powerful being living in a benevolent Universe that knows your journey. 

The Universe knows your power. Knows your energy frequency. Knows your soul's intention to be here.

May this new year be one that brings you even greater demonstrations of your soul's gorgeous essence. 



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