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2023 brings in significant turning points as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes of Fate change signs.


In fact, it is the biggest astrology we've experienced since 2020 - so let's be ready for it as much as we can!


We'll journey through all of the main energy of the year, including:


- Learn how to navigate the four Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now in your life


- Get a heads up on the powerful Venus retrograde in Leo energies that are in effect during the middle of 2023


- Understand how new areas of soul growth open up with the North Node moving into Aries


- Be ready for fast-moving Jupiter to highlight Divine Timing by moving through all of Aries and stabilizing energies in Taurus 


- See where Saturn in Pisces focuses your energies with completion and release for your path now


- Identify how Uranus, the North Node, and Jupiter in Taurus will be working in your chart - including the luckiest day of the year!


- Connect with the trusting wisdom of Neptune in Pisces revealing your Higher Self guidance


- Pinpoint the 4 eclipse points in your chart to discover which areas of life you'll be experiencing dynamic changes


- Discover the main energies, healing themes, and areas of focus that will light up 2023 for you


- And more insights to help guide you through another powerful year of global changes


We'll move through eight individual webinars covering the main astrology transits and eclipses, plus discussions on significant energy change. 


Be sure to use coupon code "2023" to get the full program for 50% off and see how the energies are showing up in your world. 


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