50% off! 2021 Soul Growth Astrology ~ A Year of Soul Advancements

With only a few months left in 2021, you can still discover how the final 2 eclipses, the third Saturn-Uranus square, and the end of the year energies will show up for you.


- Learn how to navigate the three Mercury retrograde periods in your chart and make plans accordingly now for the year ahead
- Get a heads up on the powerful Venus retrograde in Capricorn energies that will transform you and the world in late 2021 
- Understand how the North Node in Gemini is activating parts of your life from 2002 and 2003
- Be ready for Jupiter to expand you in multiple areas of life by moving through all of Aquarius and into the early degrees of Pisces
- Understand new soul solutions that begin with the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020, and then grows into higher potentials throughout 2021
- See where Saturn in Aquarius activates a strong sense of self, fresh ideas and clearer Aquarian Age energies for your path now
- Pinpoint the 4 eclipse points in your chart to discover what areas of life you'll be experiencing dynamic changes
- Discover the main energies, healing themes, and areas of focus that will light up 2021 for you
- And more, more, more because 2021 is taking us further into our unique energy fields and how we are individually designed to contribute to global changes
Grab your astrology chart and follow along as we look at how the transiting planets of the year will be moving through your life in six individual webinars.
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Six individual webinars available for immediate viewing. 


Total program is 205 minutes long.





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