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How To Read Your Solar Return Chart

$199.00 USD

  Learn more about your next solar return chart as Molly guides you through the main astrology and energy theme...

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August 2021 Monthly Soul Growth Program

$15.00 USD

Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including: - Mercury picks up his speed and m...

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July 2021 Soul Growth Astrology

$15.00 USD

Bring your natal astrology chart to see how the energies of July 2021 are working with you throughout the month, incl...

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The Galactic Center


  Sign up here to access the free online platform with channeled messages.    This is a free offer....

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2021 Soul Growth Astrology Webinars

$33.00 USD

  Learn how 2021 is going to be significant in your life and spiritual growth by discovering how the energies s...

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Astrology 101 Course for Your Soul's Growth

$149.00 USD

Learn your soul's healing path through 6 on-demand astrology classes. Go at your own pace as we cover what your astro...

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The Astrology of Relationships Online Course

$99.00 USD

  Learn the astrology of love, partnerships, and relationships in your natal chart through 10 individual videos...

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Learn Astrology Transits In Your Astrology Chart

$88.00 USD

  Discover how the transiting planets are working with your natal chart and planets through 6 teaching videos, ...

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Universal Spiritual Laws Online Course

3 monthly payments of $28.00 USD

Every month, you'll tap into conscious choices you can make in the Real World as you elevate your energy to high...

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