How To Read Your Solar Return Chart

Learn more about your next solar return chart as Molly guides you through the main astrology and energy themes for your year ahead. 

Over 8 prerecorded video teachings, you'll learn more specifics about your solar return chart, including: 

  • What the Sun and Moon signify in your solar return

  • Why a New Moon, Full Moon, or Eclipse on your birthday coincides with Divine Timing

  • The importance of any retrograde personal planets 

  • What the aspects are highlighting for you about the year ahead

  • Where each of the outer planets is  highlighting an area of growth, development, and change

  • How to pinpoint main themes in your solar return chart

  • A deeper look at each of the 12 houses in your solar return

  • Plus a lot more details and specifics to be aware of for your upcoming year and what will be revealed to you

Intermediate level astrology. Must know astrology basics: signs, planets, houses, and aspects.  

Go at your own pace.


Every class is taught on-demand through a webinar format. Available to watch on phone, tablet, mobile devices, and desktop computers.


Course material is available with lifetime access. 




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