How To Read Your Progressed Astrology Chart


Discover your evolutionary journey in this lifetime as we explore your progressed astrology chart.

Over a series of online video teachings, you'll learn how to read the main energies and themes in your progressed chart, including: 

  • How your progressed Sun moves in your life on a yearly basis

  • The significance of your progressed Moon and its 30 month cycle

  • The importance of any retrograde personal planets in your chart, especially when they change direction in your progressed chart

  • Why your progressed Ascendant is key to your personal evolution

  • How the progressed Midheaven signifies important life changes

  • What the major aspects are highlighting for you in your progressed energies

  • Where each of the outer planets is speaking to you through an area of growth, development, and change

  • How to pinpoint main themes in your current progressed energy signature

  • Staying aware of important energy changes and new cycles

  • Plus, a lot more details and specifics to be aware of as you learn to read your progressed astrology chart 


Intermediate level astrology.

Go at your own pace.

Available to watch on phone, tablet, mobile devices, and desktop computers. 

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