The Astrology of Relationships Online Course


Learn the astrology of love, partnerships, and relationships in your natal chart through 10 individual videos packed with teachings, celebrity couple examples, and specific case studies.  


Get to know your relationship energies in a deeper way, especially what you need in:

  • Business partnerships
  • Dating, romance & love
  • Marriage and long-term relationships
  • Friendships


Understand why you’re attracted to certain people and characteristics:

  • Why did you date him/her - and why did it not meet your needs?
  • Why do you pull in certain partners over and over, and what are their lessons for you?
  • How can you rise above the lower, unconscious energies you keep attracting?
  • What qualities are a good match for you in marriage and long-term partnerships?
  • Why are you possibly moving through a romance dry spell?
  • Can you feel safe and secure with another and sharing your vulnerable, soft spots?


Go at your own pace as we cover what your astrology chart reveals around relationships, partnerships, and sharing your energy with others.


Every class is taught on-demand through a webinar format. Available to watch on phone, tablet, mobile devices, and desktop computers.


Course material is available with lifetime access. 



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