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Conscious Soul Growth

12 Universal Spiritual Laws Weekly Course

You're more powerful when you consciously activate higher guidance and support with these 12 Universal Spiritual Laws.

A weekly course designed to harness all of your soul's energy with higher levels of mindfulness.

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Twin Flames Healing Series

In this teaching series, I share with you more about the general energies, soul mission, healing themes, inner work, and soul connections between twin flames.

I hope these insights help you heal and trust on a deeper level, as well as take ownership over your own energy, power, and purpose regardless of what another person is doing or choosing.

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Molly's Bestselling Books

Feminine spiritual growth, awakening consciousness, past life connections, forgiveness, and more healing themes in 12 bestselling books.

Accelerate your awakening process and support your soul's growth with inspiring stories to guide you forward powerfully.

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Intuitive Astrology

Weekly Astrology Podcast

Every week we discuss the astrology and energies of right now that remind us of our Oneness. Molly shares visuals, insights, and simple explanations to support you. New episode every Wednesday.

Conscious Soul Growth with Molly McCord is on iTunes, PlayerFM, Stitcher, and podcast distributors.

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Astrology Teaching Videos

Interested in learning more about astrology and current energies? In this YouTube playlist, I share chart interpretations for each New Moon and Full Moon so you can learn how to read astrology charts better and how the energies interact together.

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Astrology 101 Online Course

Interpret your astrology chart like a professional astrologer with 6 on demand classes covering the basics of astrology. You'll learn more about your unique energy in this well-reviewed online course.

Enrollment includes your natal astrology chart and a Custom Key Energies Report

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Spiritual Business

How To Publish Your Book on Kindle

Everything you need to know and do to publish your awesome book on Kindle. Simple guidance, time-saving tips, and important tools for self-publishing.

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5 Online Platform Essentials

Easily prioritize what is essential for your online presence with this simple guide that focuses on 5 online channels.

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Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business

In 9 easy-to-follow sections, Molly leads you through 11 essential points for mastering abundance and opening up to more flows of financial income in your business. 

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Get Access To A Whole Library of Business Training Videos

Business guidance especially for healers, authors, spiritual experts, and inspired creatives who are here to build the dream in the world.

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