Modern Heroine Soul Stories

24 real women share their personal inspiring stories of healing, forgiveness, letting go, and owning more of her power as she explores her inner world and soul messages.
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24 Inspiring Stories of Listening, Forgiving, and Healing

From divorce, friendships ending, questioning her life direction, and life-threatening health challenges, to losing her mom, becoming a mom, moving through inner pain, spiritual growth, and many more topics, every story is shared openly and from her heart.


Plus, more stories filled with wisdom, forgiveness, and power.

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"This book is right on time! Sometimes you may feel that you are the only one struggling and left all alone....After reading and relating to many of these stories you will realize this is far from the case. There is light at the end of the tunnel."

LG75, Amazon Reviewer

"Fantastic-Empowering, Must Read This One! So inspirational! I enjoyed reading these stories and felt connected to each of the courageous women who wrote them....a book I will return to again and again. Thank you Molly McCord for bringing this empowering and powerful book to the world."

Rebecca Hollingsworth, Amazon Reviewer

Real Stories From Real Women - Who Feel Like New Friends!

"Real stories of life, struggle and enlightenment - A must read! he "Soul Stories" in this book helped me feel like I was not alone in my own struggles and I connected with each of them, even when their stories were not the same as my own. It is so nice to read something that no only rings true, but gives some insight and inspiration in my own life. By sharing their own stories, not only have they allowed the reader to have a glimpse of some of the most vulnerable part of their lives, but they have given an opportunity to help others through a shared emotion, victory, or even a realization showing that we can all overcome so much in our life battles. This is definitely a great read and I recommend it highly!"

C. Jones, Amazon Reviewer

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We're donating 100% of book royalties to Women for Women International - by choice! - in order to create a ripple effect of GOOD in the world.


Start reading now and join us as we spread global good vibes!

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"No matter where you are in your spiritual journey there is a story for you in "Modern Heroine Soul Stories". After reading these wonderfully honest tales I remember times in my own life where I felt the rubber meet the road and knew that I had to change. Many of these stories show how pain can be a great motivator for change but each of these souls had trust in making decisions that were out of their comfort zone. "Something" was there supporting them and each of them ended up on the other side of their personal challenges stronger and with less fear than before"

A. Prosser, Amazon Reviewer

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Be prepared for greater healing and peace as you emotionally connect with each woman who hopes to inspire you through life’s challenges and unexpected turns. She reminds you that no matter what may be unfolding, every journey is ultimately an invitation to know more of your soul and self, while fully embracing yourself as a modern heroine.

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"The Feminine has returned stronger than ever. I love these beautiful stories."

M. Rios, Amazon Reviewer

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