Consider this:


Building a successful online business requires a solid online foundation (website πŸ–₯️ )


while developing ongoing communication channels

(social media & email marketing πŸ“² )


that create engagement,

demonstrate expertise,

and offer valuable information

so your clients know they can trust you to meet their needs

(relationship developmentπŸ‘―).


Then your business will prosper and grow

through new, and ongoing, revenue streams



Makes sense, right? πŸ‘Œ


Putting all of these elements together correctly is vital and will lead to incredible growth. ↗️


So think of your online business as an





is a self-sustaining, thriving environment

that supports the needs of the different

living components within it. ♻️


With each of the following five components

of an online ECOSYSTEM in place,

you can then AMPLIFY each one to create a more successful, flowing online business. πŸ’«


Business Secret:

Building An Online Ecosystem Has Been The Most Important Part of My Business πŸ‘‡



Quick video excerpt (2:39) on WHY building up a self-sustaining ecosystem truly matters for your long-term success.  πŸ™‹

Can this concept help you grow your soul work in the world?  🀷


Then I would love to support you with my best tips and advice, as well as sharing what may be a waste of time and not needed. 🚫


25+ Answers to Amplify Your Online Business

is going to give you all kinds of tips, advice, strategies, and questions to ask yourself to ensure you are creating the best possible digital business that also fits your energy.   


We're going to cover a lot of topics, including all of this: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

So you've got a website -- but is it really doing its J-O-B for YOU?


Your website plays a very important role in your ecosystem, so we'll talk about what you can do to improve it -- and WHY your website is actually NOT about YOU as much as you may think it is.  πŸ€”


  • I'm overwhelmed. What do I focus on and what is the main priority?

  • What is the most important message on my website?

  • Blog - yay or nay?

  • What should I refresh on my website?

  • How can I improve my website?



How are you continually generating connection and trust with your clients?


The most important part of your business is PEOPLE and this is why Relationship Development Channels are vital to a healthy ecosystem.


I'll explain what Relationship Development Channels are (it's not just social media...), including the KEY to being successful in this area of your business. 


  • How do I get started with making videos?

  • Can you help me determine if I should do a podcast?

  • How do I prioritize all of the people I interact with through my work?

  • How do I continue relationships after in-person workshops, retreats, and classes?

  • What is the best way to establish boundaries in my work? 


Do you need to make email marketing a priority still - or is it just a giant waste of time?


Love it or hate it, email marketing is still relevant.


I'm going to help you take shortcuts to maximize this area of your online business ecosystem so you can make quick strides and save yourself time. 


  • Do I need to start an email list?

  • Should I offer a freebie for my email sign-up or is that phase over?

  • I don't like sending emails. Any advice for unmotivated people like me?

  • What can you tell me about Email Best Practices?

  • How do I make money through email?


How can your social media channels be effective and not be so darn overwhelming?


Social media continues to matter in the success of your online business, but you can't be everywhere all of the time.


Or can you???

I have a few secrets to share here to help grow your online connections.


  • Which social media platform should I focus on?

  • Any tips for starting my YT channel?

  • Should I start a FB group or are those done?

  • How can I grow my social media following?

  • Is there a good way to sell on social media these days?


Can you really stand out in the world of endless marketing and ads and information overload?


Marketing your work in the world is important so people can find you. Marketing leads to sales, and we all know that sales are integral to professional success.


I'll share with you some of my top tips for optimizing your results and increasing your income in practical steps.


  • What is the most effective marketing these days?

  • My launch was not successful - sad face. Besides being bummed out, what do I do next?

  • How do I get started with personal online sessions?

  • I want to develop an online program. What is a simple, clear way to get going?

  • How do I grow my income once I am a bit more established?


Your Business Is Always

Energetically Speaking To You



Are you listening to yourself and your business? πŸ‘‚


Another short video excerpt (1:16) on why it is important to hear and feel these messages to ensure you are in alignment with what is correct for YOU.  🎯


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25+ Answers To Amplify Your Online Business Program



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You'll receive immediate access to the full program, including:
  • Over 35 teaching videos 
  • Individual videos are 4 to 12 minutes for your convenience
  • Downloadable PDF worksheet
  • Watch on any device: phone, mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Use the free mobile app 
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