Flourish As A Healer with BG5


Your 5 Personalized Energy Codes

To Flow, Grow, and Succeed

You're not meant to follow the flock.

You are designed for success and satisfaction in the material world based on your unique energy. 


But it can be exhausting and frustrating to figure out HOW you are meant to offer your gifts, talents, and services in the professional world.


Does any of this sound familiar? 


- You've been working alone and trying to grow your business, but you're feeling lost in figuring it all out.


- You're overwhelmed by all of the marketing choices that are out there these days and which ones will actually bring results, and clients, your way. 


- You're exhausted from trying a lot of things that never quite meet expectations, and so a cycle of disappointment has set in.


- You've followed other business programs or professional 'formulas' before, but they don't seem to work for you like they do for everyone else. 


- You've put all of your eggs into this one business basket and you KNOW this is the path you're meant to follow, but why is it so dang hard?


- On top of it all, you're afraid of taking big financial risks right now and prefer a solid path that doesn't require thousands of dollars.



We have been conditioned and guided to look outside of ourselves for HOW to be successful in the world, yet the (little known) best path is found in three key data points:

Now it is time to learn how your energy and aura are uniquely designed to interact with others and the world at large with BG5.

What Is BG5, you ask?

BG5 - Base Group 5 - is a specialty area of the Human Design System that reveals how you are here to be materially successful, feel satisfied with your work, and how you can best share your energy with others in the professional world.


BG5 reveals how you can step into a resonance and flow that aligns with how you naturally operate in the world. 


No forcing yourself to follow someone else's best plan, or pushing yourself to be something you're not, or trying to make your business fit a mold. 


BG5 reveals and highlights how you are here to flow, grow, and succeed based on your unique design.

Molly Shares More About BG5 With You Here:


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Meet Rob and Learn More About BG5


In "Flourish As A Healer with BG5", you will receive answers to these all-important questions that we each ponder:


  • How are you designed to make money?

  • How can you fulfill your purpose?

  • What gifts get called out of you in small groups or large groups?

  • What work environment do you perform best in?

  • How do you work best with others?


The truth is... these answers are specific to each individual based on your birth details: birth time, birth date, and birth location. 


And BG5 is the ONLY system of its kind that reveals these insights to you. It's game-changing information!


It will feel like you FINALLY have the answers and validation you've been seeking. And it's been within you this whole time. 


Rob Thomas, your Certified BG5 Consultant, is going to provide you with a reading of your energy mechanics, including:


  • How you are designed to express yourself in a professional role

  • How you best interact with others

  • Your decision making strategy and how to flow with it

  • Your main life signpost for feeling like you are on track for success

  • How you are designed to digest and process information in a specific way 


As Rob teaches and explains the BG5 energy codes, Molly brings in the unique needs of online entrepreneurs, healers, lightworkers, authors, and creatives to guide you with practice solutions. We'll also look at how these energies overlap with your natal astrology chart.


Together, Molly and Rob created this program to fit the driving intentions and unique business needs of healers, authors, online entrepreneurs, creatives, lightworkers, and anyone called to understand more about how to share their energy in the world.  



You'll begin this program with a personalized report with your energy codes based on your birth details (birth time, birth date, and birth location). Exact birth time is required.


Then Molly and Rob will guide you through the information in your report across three prerecorded webinars, a Q&A webinar, and additional guidance videos and tips from Molly that connect the information to your natal astrology chart.


This program is designed to be similar to a reading of your first 5 BG5 energy codes. The information coincides with the Human Design System but is geared for your professional life and career expression.


The material is a best fit for those brand new to BG5 and/or the Human Design System, as well as anyone looking for a deeper understanding of their initial BG5 codes.


Exactly What I've Been Looking For!

Frequently Asked Questions

BG5 - Base Group 5 - is a specialty area of the Human Design System that reveals how you are here to be materially successful, feel satisfied with your work, and how you can best share your energy with others in the professional world. 

BG5 is focused on discovering how you are unique and different in the world. Unlike other programs, there is no trying to fit you into what others need or what you 'should' do in the world. 

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

Human Design is a combination of knowledge from astrology, numerology, I-Ching, chakras, Kabbalah, and hexagram that creates accurate personal energy insights into WHO YOU ARE in this lifetime.

In order to understand how the system works, it is important to become familiar with the fundamental concept that forms the foundation of this system.

A fundamental aspect of Human Design is based on what is scientifically known as the Neutrino.


Neutrinos are unusual particles that carry an infinitesimal amount of mass. About 3 trillion neutrinos, and the material information they carry, pass through every square inch of the planet per second. Our Sun produces about 70 percent of all neutrinos that travel through our solar system, with the remaining 30 percent emitted by other stars in our Galaxy, and a small amount from the planet Jupiter.


In 2015, the scientists Takaaki Kajita (Super-Kamiokande Collaboration) and Arthur B. McDonald (Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Collaboration) were awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass. Ra Uru Hu published this as the science behind the Human Design System as early as 1991.


Since Neutrinos have an infinitesimally small amount of mass, as the stream passes through us it leaves information. It is a stream of information, and within each of us exist particles that connect us to the stream. At the moment of birth, we are imprinted by the information carried by the neutrino stream via the planets. This imprint is reflected within your Human Design Chart, and determines your particular Design. This information provides us with the knowledge to understand our nature, potential, and forms of interaction.


BG5 is the business specialty area of the Human Design System. 


Absolutely! You can still join us, as you'll simply skip the step that guides you to get your report, and you'll go directly to watching the first webinar.  We know that people want guidance for their free BG5 report and we hope this is a good financial solution for you.

The program is based on introductory information for BG5 codes and Human Design, so you may be beyond this knowledge base. We are helping more people understand their energetic mechanics, and it could be redundant for you. Sounds like you are farther along. This page describes the program so you can self-asses if you already know what is covered.  Don't spend the money if you are already aware of your Human Design chart. 

No, this is not an astrological reading. You provide your birth details similar to astrology, but the BG5 system is designed to help you understand how you are here to be successful in the professional world. No astrology terminology is used. 

The birth time is important for an accurate reading of your energy. We recommend reaching out to where you were born (hospital, county, state) to see if they maintain exact birth records.

If not, some people have had success determining their birth time through astrology chart rectifications (such as a professional reading with a Vedic astrologer); muscle testing to see their body's messages; working with a pendulum; receiving channeled messages; and any other number of esoteric tools that can help you hone in on the time of your birth.

A total of 10 lessons are in the course.

- 4 individual prerecorded webinars, including a Q&A webinar.

Each webinar is between 30 to 60 minutes long. 

- 4 guidance videos from Molly helping you understand more about BG5, your energy, and your astrology chart

- 2 business development videos with practical application of the BG5 codes


BG5 is on the leading edge of hiring, career training, business development and individuation. It is not common for employers to request your birth details, so that could be one reason why you haven't experienced it yet. Consider yourself leading the pack with this accurate information as it is designed to help people succeed and grow in ways that other programs cannot provide in the same way.

Flourish With Your Natural Energy Gifts

Meet Your Certified BG5 Consultant

Rob Thomas helps small business leaders find out the truth about themselves, their teams and their business using the BG5 system. He also consults leaders on talent acquisition and talent optimization.

Over the years, Rob's diverse experience includes training over 1000 people, opening 14 restaurants from scratch, managing large production facilities, growing sales teams and successfully building solo entrepreneur practices. 

He became a Certified BG5 Consultant in 2015 and has helped many people see the strengths in their design.


Meet Your Business Guide

Molly McCord, M.A. has been a professional astrologer for over 10 years and has been studying astrology for 30 years years. She has worked with thousands of people all over the world, guiding each person to know themselves and their energy gifts on a deeper level. Molly wrote the monthly horoscopes in Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, as well as discusses current astrological energies in her popular weekly podcast that has aired since 2012. She is also the author of 10 books, a publisher, spiritual teacher, and business strategist for healers. 

The small print:

  • You receive ongoing access to this online course.
  • Due to the immediate access of this program, there are no refunds after purchase.
  • Payment is accepted through PayPal or Stripe. 
  • Rates are listed in USD. For other currencies, the PayPal should populate the correct amount based on your location.
  • PayPal transactions are processed through Spirituality University.
  • Only one person may access a course per an account and must be the main email account holder.
  • It's an honor to serve and support you! I never take it for granted.


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