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What Is Written In The Stars For You In This Lifetime?

Your progressed astrology chart holds deeper insights into your ongoing growth, development, and life chapters as it describes the bigger themes you are moving through. Your progressed astrology chart reveals how your energy continues to grow and evolve throughout the years, and offers more specifics on life lessons, timing of events, and significant new developments.


Your Soul's Evolutionary Journey Is Alive Now


The word "progression" means advancement and growth - and that is exactly what we'll be looking at in your progressed astrology chart to discover how you are here to advance your energy in this lifetime.


Together, we'll journey through the main astrology and major themes in your progressed astrology chart so you can see what is unfolding in higher timelines for your soul's growth in the present moment.


Over a series of online video teachings, you'll learn how to read the main energies and themes in your progressed chart, including: 
  • How your progressed Sun moves in your life on a yearly basis
  • The significance of your progressed Moon and its 30 month cycle
  • The importance of any retrograde personal planets in your chart, especially when they change direction in your progressed chart
  • Why your progressed Ascendant is key to your personal evolution
  • How the progressed Midheaven signifies important life changes
  • What the major aspects are highlighting for you in your progressed energies
  • Where each of the outer planets is speaking to you through an area of growth, development, and change
  • How to pinpoint main themes in your current progressed energy signature
  • Staying aware of important energy changes and new cycles
  • Plus, a lot more details and specifics to be aware of as you learn to read your progressed astrology chart 


Intermediate level astrology. It is necessary to already know astrology basics for this course: signs, planets, houses, and aspects.

Go at your own pace as we cover what your astrological progressed chart reveals for the year ahead.

Taught with Placidus House System, but information is applicable to other houses systems.

Every class is taught online through a prerecorded webinar format.

Available to watch on phone, tablet, mobile devices, and desktop computers. 

Lifetime access available.

WATCH: How To Create Your Progressed Chart

Learn how to create your progressed astrology chart for free before enrolling in this program so have what you need to get started.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Your progressed astrology chart reveals how your natal astrology chart energetically moves forward in this lifetime. The progressed chart reveals the bigger energies and long-term themes you'll be experiencing, so you have a heads up on the timing of life changes and growth.

Your natal chart is the energy on your birth date in this lifetime which stays with you for your whole life. Your progressed astrology chart is how your energy continues to grow and evolve throughout the years, and offers more specific insights on life lessons, timing of events, and significant new chapters. 

You'll want to bring your progressed chart to this program as no astrology charts are provided by Molly. You can create a progressed astrology chart for free on various websites or apps, as well as follow Molly's tutorial video where she demonstrates how to create one. Once you have your progressed astrology chart, you're ready to go and dive in to what it all means. 

Astrology is amazing in this way - you can run a progressed chart for any year of your life. You could look at the themes for any age or significant year in the past, or any upcoming year that you are curious about, whether it is this year, or next year, or beyond. 

It is important to already know astrology basics before signing up for this course because it is more advanced. Meaning, you should know all astrology basics: astrology signs, planets, houses, and aspects.

This program will teach you how to interpret the energies in a progressed chart, as well as what to look for in terms of major themes and changes going forward This program does not replace a professional reading with a professional astrologer, who will most likely be able to provide you with more specific insights and guidance for your current life. You'll learn a lot in these classes and be more adept at interpretation, which can help deepen your own personal astrological knowledge. 

Discover Your Soul's Main Journey In This Lifetime

You'll receive full access to the whole program with prerecorded video teachings right away.

Meet Your Teacher

Molly McCord, M.A. has been a professional astrologer for over a decade and has been studying astrology for 30 years. She has worked with hundreds of clients in over 20 countries, guiding each person to know themselves and their energy gifts on a deeper level through personal one-on-one intuitive sessions. Molly wrote the monthly horoscopes in Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine, as well as discusses current astrological energies in her popular weekly podcast that has aired since 2012.

Molly created this course so you can understand yourself, your energy, and your soul signature in this lifetime with a greater sense of personal power.

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  • Payment is accepted through PayPal or Stripe. 
  • All astrology classes are taught as prerecorded webinars for immediate online viewing.
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  • It's an honor to serve and support you! I never take it for granted.



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