Beach Retreats

Inspiration + Meditation + Direction + Vacation


Enjoy time at a charming beachside hotel in Cocoa Beach, Florida as you dive into your soul + creative goals + true self.

Beach Me.

Pack your cute floppy sun hat (or fav baseball cap) and join bestselling author and Spiritual Teacher Molly McCord as she hosts you for your choice of 2 different experiences to support your creative spirit and soul growth:
The Write Beach Retreat and The Modern Heroine's Journey Beach Retreat.

Details below. Space is limited for each retreat.

The Write Beach Retreat

Relax. Focus. Flow.

Take your writing career to the next level with deep-dive workshops + realistic directions + practical guidance for putting your unique brilliance on paper.

You'll enjoy a combination of big group workshops, small group intensives, solo work time, guided meditations and
Introvert Hours (Napping or writing? Swimming or beachcombing?).

We'll end the retreat with a spectacular final event that will leave a huge smile in your heart and a solid plan for your next steps.

Now Open For Inspiration

The Write Beach Retreat is especially beneficial to writers of the following genres:


Crafting your personal story is a journey in-and-of itself, as you are pushed to go deeper into Self, growth, and personal meaning. Memoir writing requires more of YOU to show up for your reader.

We'll cover what to include, what to leave out, mistakes to avoid, and owning every single part of your story with confidence + power.


You're an expert who is ready to put pen to paper (and fingertips to keys) to write something useful for your readers that will improve their lives in numerous ways.

You'll learn more about developing your expert platform as an author, how to connect effectively with readers through your writing, and the best ways to share your real-world guidance with authority.


The world needs inspiring messages more than ever, and you know you have something meaningful to contribute to help others on their journey. Your soul is pushing you to put this wisdom down on paper.

Discover the best ways to connect with readers, how to honor your spiritual messages with grace, and develop a deeper trust in yourself as a messenger.

Writers Need Water (and Cocktails)

Check out the itinerary, different writing tracks, and affordable payment options.

The Modern Heroine's Journey Beach Retreat

Every Woman Is Her Own Heroine.

Your journey so far has gifted you with joy and challenges, lessons and healing, love and forgiveness. Your soul has been with you through every breath - but can you hear its deep wisdom and loving support?

Life can get in the way of that connection. Or else your mind, ego, and emotions can interfere with the messages.

This signature multi-day beach retreat honors your journey thus far, transforms how you view yourself, pushes you deeper into your heart space, and opens you up to what you want to create next in your life.

Anything is possible. Your soul is ready to take you forward - and is waiting for you at the beach!

She Says Yes To Her Soul's Whispers.

Based on the bestselling book, "The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness", you'll move through 3 distinct phases of soul growth and emerge on the other side with deeper wisdom and meaning around your personal path.

The Opening

The Deepening

The Renewal

Set Your Soul on Fire

Learn more about this multi-day experience, the itinerary, and affordable payment options.

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The Write Beach Retreat
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