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Through video tutorials, Molly guides you through the full process of publishing on the Kindle platform. Get access to the exact formatting guidelines to follow, how to upload your final manuscript, what you need to research in advance, and every necessary step so you can finally click "publish" and make your dreams of being an author a reality.

Create Your Author Profile on Amazon


Molly shows you how to create your Amazon author profile with video tutorials that guide you through the platform. An author profile page on Amazon increases your expert status and shows up higher on SEO searches. Learn how to add your bio, profile picture, and more, plus watch how to link all of your books to your author profile.

Bonus! Learn 3 Approaches For Creating An Audiobook


Expand your sales channels with an audiobook that is distributed on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible. Molly shows you how to use the ACX platform and the options you have for creating the best audiobook for your story.

Watch Behind-The-Scenes Video Tutorials


Molly guides you through the full Kindle platform so you can see exactly what the process looks like as an author.



Everything You Need to Publish Your Awesome Book on Kindle

Simple guidance, time-saving tips, and important tools for self-publishing.


“The opportunities for self-published authors to be successful are incredible.”


Molly McCord, M.A. has published 12 books with over 50,000 downloads worldwide. She wants to help you be a successful author with fantastic results, too.

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