You Have Creative Passion In Spades...

But maybe all of the numbers, data, and tech-y stuff is causing you to struggle or get discouraged?

Business Stuff Doesn't Have To Be Scary Or Intimidating.

Most authors, artists and solopreneurs focus on their passion (yes!) but forget about the important business stuff (craaaaap) until it's too late. Or only when they have an uncomfortable meeting with their tax professional or financial advisor (gulp).

But before you even have to imagine a dreaded conversation about what you're NOT doing right, I can turn all of this business stuff around for you in a practical, easy-to-get it way.


Many people who are pursuing their creative passion don't know what it means to really run a business on their own -

and honestly, it might not even be your strength.

But it is your responsibility to know it.


And I can make it easier for you.

Opening Fall 2017

Expansion Month-to-Month Business Development Program gives solopreneurs, indie authors, and inspired creatives a designated roadmap for building their passion into a results-based and sales-oriented business.

Building your online business requires you to have a solid online foundation (website) while also developing ongoing marketing channels (social media, email, relationship) that create engagement, demonstrate expertise, and offer valuable information (sales).

With monthly Business Education and Training Videos, Sales and Marketing Webinars, Live Q&A Calls, and Expert Resources, you will progress through a comprehensive program with practical, realistic business guidance for long-term growth and stability.


This is NOT about "the hustle" of doing everything fast so you can get instant results.

This is about BUILDING and growing in a realistic way so you feel SOLID - and not like you're being hustled or overwhelmed by your business.


Topics we'll cover include Platform Expansion, Business Finances, Branding, Hiring, and more key essentials for today’s driven entrepreneurs who will be tomorrow’s global moguls.

"With everything from tips on building your online presence to understanding the importance of personal branding in the social media era, Molly proves herself to be a capable, heartfelt guide. With a perspective that’s equal parts embracing your intuition and getting down to the brass tacks of managing your business, Molly is all about empowering women so they can be successful at sharing their passion and talents with the world."

Kelly McNelis

"If you want to learn from someone who is a doer and makes things happen, yet also understands that everything is not always as easy as other marketers like to portray it is - Molly is your person. In addition to being a brilliant business mind, she’s also got a huge heart, and truly cares about helping others succeed. Somehow her videos always speak to me, about exactly what I’m struggling with in my business - and make me feel like I’m not in this alone."

Erika Elmuts
Internationally-recognized Health and Wellness Expert, Professional Speaker

My Perspective Is Unique.

"With over 20 years of Real World business experience, I can tell you what big corporations and successful companies do regularly to keep growing and generating sales + results so you can skip some of the hard-knocks and unnecessary challenges that most authors and solopreneurs experience. More of my "resume type stuff" is at the bottom of this page so you can see everything I want to share and offer to you.

More importantly, I would love to hear about your business, books and work in the world, including your current challenges and pressing needs.

A business development program will work best for you when it takes into consideration where you are now, your previous experiences, and what you need to break through in order to get ahead and go up to the next level.

"I have had the pleasure of following Molly for the last few years. In her many talents as an author, intuitive coach and business woman, Molly always exudes a genuine care to help others live their life's purpose. Watching Molly’s program videos is like having a business mentor as a friend that you can go to anytime for sound, relevant advice. Implementing her step-by-step advice keeps me focused on how best to blend my passions into a successful business plan!"

Sharon Bright
Spiritual Teacher,

"For the freshly minted entrepreneur or the seasoned one, Molly breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized, actionable steps to help guide you no matter where you are on your journey. Molly holds your hand and shows you the way to build the business you desire!"

Lauren Goldstein
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

Get Inspired

Get out of your own darn head.

Get out of your own way.

Get a FRESH perspective on all of this business stuff.

Get back to what matters right now - while staying focused on your long-term dream.

"Whether you are just getting started or already have a business you want to develop further, this program provides a step-by-step guide, outlining everything you need to consider to both start your business and to expand it. I felt completely supported going through the program as Molly covers all bases, saving me a lot of time and energy trying to figure everything out from scratch. Having two live calls a week for questions and feedback adds an extra level of valuable support. With the Expansion Program, I don't feel like I'm "going it alone”. I am so grateful to Molly for this program!"

Christine Lisio
Transformation Coach, Spiritual Healer, Certified Intuitive Strategist,

"Holy crap, you thought of everything! The website is easy to maneuver through; the material is concise and enriched with both start-up fundamentals AND advanced strategies to take your business to the next level. I found the program to be my instant virtual business coach, any time of day, that has taught me step-by-step everything I need to know. Molly McCord’s Expansion Business Development Program is jam-packed with essential "make-it-happen" resources for basically everyone. I love it! "

Teresa W. Leming
Entrepreneur, Intuitive Healer,

Meet Molly McCord, M.A.

The Corporate Resume Stuff

  • Email Marketing Manager, Copywriter, Account Manager: Managed email campaigns and lists of 8 million+ subscribers for Fortune 500 companies 
  • Digital Marketing Strategist: Devised + implemented strategies across all online channels (email, website, social media, video) for optimal ROI 
  • Sales Director: Relationship development + sales for luxury home goods priced between $6,000 to $26,000 
  • Group Leadership: Organized events for 3,000 + people with 6 subcommittees; Regional Leadership Team; Elected leadership roles in college  
  • Personal Banker (Ranked #2 in the state of Oregon): Managed personal + business finances for long-term growth 
  • Headhunter: Interview preparation, hiring strategies, relationship development + job placement for top candidates


The Indie Author + Entrepreneur Stuff

  • Launched first website + blog in 2006; then second website in 2011
  • Wrote and self-published 10 books (digital + paperback) resulting in over 50,000+ downloads
  • Hit #6 in Kindle Top 100 worldwide
  • Recorded own audio book, and hired narrators and producers for 9 audio books
  • Broadcast 260+ podcasts and interviewed 50+ radio show guests
  • Hosted 20+ live webinars
  • Produced 3 online global events with 45 experts
  • Developed, directed, and produced 9 online mastery classes for other experts
  • Filmed 60+ videos – and counting!
  • Connected with hundreds of people in 20 countries through one-on-one personal guidance sessions
  • Taught live group classes through webinars and group calls
  • Provided behind-the-scenes paid support for other spiritual authors and entrepreneurs

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