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Personalized guidance + coaching to generate better results for your business + books now.

Services For Entrepreneurs

Sales. Social Media. Email Marketing. Branding. Services. Pricing. Finding new clients. Getting out there more. Whatever you need to solve now, I'm in your corner to help your work + words stand out in a crowded environment. Individual sessions and ongoing monthly coaching options available.

Craft Your Brand's Story

Your business has a story to tell, but how effectively are you connecting with your customers through it? You may be surprised at what you are forgetting, or perhaps you are unaware of one of your key messages. Let's review and revise your brand's story so you can optimize the limited time you have to capture a customer's attention, and ensure you bring them in to vision with your unique voice.

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Level Up Your Social Media Game

You don't have to be overwhelmed by social media, so let's look at the strategies, tools, and resources you can use to level up your game. You want to make your presence known to those who are looking for your services while seeing a rise in your engagement, yes? Great, we'll cover the best ways for YOU to do that - and more.

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Sales & Marketing Diagnostic

At the end of the day, you assess your business by the numbers. Specifically, the sales numbers. If you could use some growth in this area, let's discuss what you're doing well, what the biggest struggle is, and how to make improvements for the long-term. Every business is different, so we'll hone in on what your biz needs in order to see the numbers increase in your bank account.

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Your Next Quick Wins

If you've been having a hard time in your business (which is normal and to be expected), let's turn it around by focusing on the quick wins that will bring in new momentum. Sometimes you can't see what needs to happen next, or even what is possible, so I'd love to help you make progress sooner rather than later. 

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6-Month Road Map

Feeling overwhelmed, lost, stuck, or discouraged about what to do next in your business? No worries - I can help you get on the path that is best for you based on where you are right now. We're going to map out what you need and where you want to be in 6 months. Then you're going to get there and feel awesome and be grateful you didn't stay in that stuck place for one more minute.

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"If you want to learn from someone who is a doer and makes things happen, yet also understands that everything is not always as easy as other marketers like to portray it is - Molly is your person. In addition to being a brilliant business mind, she’s also got a huge heart, and truly cares about helping others succeed. Somehow her videos always speak to me, about exactly what I’m struggling with in my business - and make me feel like I’m not in this alone."

Erika Elmuts
Internationally-recognized Health and Wellness Expert, Professional Speaker, Naturopath

Services For Authors

Book Launch. Reviews. Promotion. Reader Engagement. Social Media. Sales. Long-term marketing strategy. Author platform. Whatever you are looking for to improve now, I can guide you to better results + improvements in how your book reaches more readers.

New Author Strategy Booster

Writing is one thing, and now getting yourself out there is another. I've got you covered with what is important, what works, what you need to have in place, and how to maximize your book sales. There will always be more to do, but let's get you started off in the best possible way. You've got this.

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Writer's Un-Block Session

That brick wall has been staring back at you for too long now, so let's break through it and get you to the other side. Whether you are stuck or frustrated in your writing, in your marketing, or in your sales, I can help you get a whole new perspective and inspiration for your work. Crumble, brick wall, crumble. 

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Book Sales Booster

Not seeing sales? Selling books is a widely different game than it was two years ago, muchless decades ago. All of the variables can be both exciting and frustrating. No fear - I can help direct you forward to the book sales channels that are best for you. Prepare to delight your new readers.

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Author Strategy Session

Not sure what to do next with your book(s)? No matter where you are in your author career, you can rise up to a new level with your work and writing. Let's strategize what is best for you and look at the road ahead. 


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"I have had the pleasure of following Molly for the last few years. In her many talents as an author, intuitive coach and business woman, Molly always exudes a genuine care to help others live their life's purpose. That is why it is amazing that within her Expansion Business Program, she is offering her vast knowledge of business and marketing experience to anyone looking to step out and share their talents with the world, too. I found that the program was easy to follow and affordable for those starting a new creative business or for those that feel they need encouragement to refresh their online presence and branding. Watching Molly’s program videos is like having a business mentor as a friend that you can go to anytime for sound, relevant advice. Implementing her step-by-step advice keeps me focused on how best to blend my passions into a successful business plan!"

Sharon Bright
Spiritual Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Author, www.SharonBrightLife.com

"For the freshly minted entrepreneur or the seasoned vet, Molly breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized, actionable steps no matter where you are on your entrepreneur journey. Molly holds your hand and shows you the way to build the business you desire!"

Lauren Goldstein
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

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