Are you emotionally, mentally, and energetically strong enough to work for yourself?

The dream is one thing. The reality is another.

You may already be working for yourself as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or author -
but do you have what it takes for the long haul?


If your business or books are out in the world, people look to you for your expertise.
Whether you realize it or not, this role puts you in a leadership position because you demonstrate self-leadership when you work for yourself.
Yet you need to be a different kind of leader in order to maintain direction, stamina, motivation, and generate results.
When entrepreneurs and authors don’t have this knowingness about their self-leadership role, they stumble and weaken.

You may not be demonstrating strong self-leadership if you are:

  • Easily off-track and distracted.
  • Realizing clients don’t follow-up.
  • Experiencing sales drop off.
  • Overworked with little rewards.
  • Missing word-of-mouth referrals or sales.
  • Stressed about approaching difficult topics with your team, clients, or readers.
  • Pulled too thin and feeling resentful.
  • Overwhelmed simply doing your work every day.
  • Uncertain about what you’re even building for the long term.
  • Overly focused on what everyone else is doing.
  • Discouraged by other people’s success, wins, or results.
  • Stuck and spinning and exhausted and lost.

Let's change this around for you!

In this free webinar, gain clarity on 9 key points for self-leadership, including:

You are ready to be the best you can be for your clients, customers, and readers.

Start watching "9 Tips for Strong Entrepreneurial Leadership" now:

Taught by Molly McCord, M.A.

With 25 years of sales, marketing, business development, and leadership experience, Molly aims to support more entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, healers, and authors build their dream business in practical, solid ways. She has published ten books, created numerous online programs, hosted a weekly podcast with over 120,000 downloads, and advised 40+ entrepreneurs and small business owners to better results. As a one-on-one coach, Molly has worked with hundreds of clients in 20 countries to guide them to know themselves and their purpose more fully. More


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