Venus Star Point Energies in Leo - New 8 Year Cycle Begins!


New love, abundance, and creation cycles begin with the New Venus energy that is activated on August 13, 2023, when Venus retrograde is exactly conjunct the Sun at 20 deg Leo.

This energy closes a cycle that began in August 2015 (the last New Venus in Leo), as well as looking at what came to fruition during the Full Venus energy in August 2019. Powerful energy from the Sun in its ruling sign of Leo is invigorating Venus with new lightcodes, inspirations, self-worth, prosperity, and love connections.

Powerful soulmate connections, romantic relationships, and heart-based interactions will begin anew now, especially after the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal and the Leo New Moon on August 16. It’s a time to be very intentional with what you want to manifest and experience in this new cycle, especially as the energy will unfold over the next 8 years.

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