Venus in Leo Energies and Themes - Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus journeys through Leo for 4 months in 2023 due to her retrograde from July 22 to Sept 4, and she will have many significant aspects to other planets that will bring about changes, evolution, and release in money, relationships, friendships, creativity, and your heart’s desires.  


Venus in Leo highlights how you love and accept yourself – self-worth, creativity, personal expressions, confidence, strength – and how those qualities create what you want and desire in your world. As Venus moves through Leo, she will have notable interactions with all outer planets, which will require her to receive their influence, and let go of her expectations as her evolutionary process is going to involve many messages.


This podcast provides an overview of the energetic dance Venus in Leo will encounter, including how she is reprogramming her own standards and connecting to more of your authentic needs.


Much more to share in this episode.



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