New! January 2020 Astrology Webinar


Discover the main astrology and energy themes of January 2020, and follow along as we look at how the astrology shows up in your natal astrology chart.


In this 70-minute webinar, we will cover the transits of January, including:

- December 25/26 Capricorn Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees

- January 10 Cancer Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees

- Saturn / Pluto conjunction at 22/23 degrees Capricorn

- Jupiter in Capricorn

- Sun enters Aquarius

- January 24 Aquarius New Moon at 4 degrees


As we progress through the transits, I'll be sharing with you the overall themes of these energies, especially how to identify where it will show up for you based on the houses in your chart.


You'll also receive tips for working with the January transits and how the energies will be expressing themselves in the collective.


My intention is to make this information 'digestible' without being too overwhelming.


Also includes individual teaching videos for the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse, Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and Aquarius New Moon energies.


You'll receive immediate access to this prerecorded 70-minute webinar. 


Go at your own pace and come back to watch again as needed.


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