June 2020 Soul Growth Astrology Webinar


The second eclipse season of 2020 is here and we are going to navigate some big waves throughout June. 6 planets will be retrograde throughout the month. There is an interesting mix of energies that are both requiring us to move forward while also giving us periods of integration into this next chapter. 


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- New eclipse point on June 5: Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees 

- Mercury stations retrograde

- 6 retrograde planets throughout the month

- Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune move into new degree points

- MEGA eclipse on June 20: Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees

- Mars enters Aries

- Jupiter RX conjunct Pluto RX for the second time


Plus, we'll take a look at the new healing themes that will arise as the North Node moves into Gemini and the South Node moves into Sagittarius. 


A very busy month!


As we progress through the transits, I'll be sharing with you the overall themes of these energies, especially how to identify where it will show up for you based on the houses in your chart.


This program includes 4 individual webinars totaling 115 minutes. 


Be sure to use code GEMINI to get all 4 webinars for only $11 USD!


Check out more about the June 2020 Soul Growth Astrology webinar here. 





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