August Soul Growth Astrology Webinar

The month of August kicks off with some uncomfortable energies during the first week, including a shock-and-awe Aquarius Full Moon at 12 degrees. The Sun and Moon are both being squared by Uranus in Taurus at 11 degrees, shaking up 3 different areas of our lives.


August will help you shake off what you no longer need in 2020, and help with "inspired building" since there is a focus on Fire and Earth energies. 


We'll look at the astrological transits as the Sun travels through Leo and into Virgo, including the tension of the multiple quincunx energies that show up throughout the month. Earth energy becomes stronger and we need to make decisions around what is working - and not working - as August comes to a close.


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Aquarius Full Moon at 12 degrees 

- Personal planets direct throughout the month

- Mercury moves fast through 3 signs

- 8/8 Lion's Gate energies

- Strong quincunx energies for the whole month

- Uranus stations retrograde at 10 degrees 42 Taurus

- 6 retrograde planets throughout the month

- Leo New Moon at 27 degrees

- Key astrological dates for August


Includes individual webinars for the Aquarius Full Moon, 8/8 Lion's Gate, and the Leo New Moon energies.


Intermediate level astrology. Recommended to know basic astrology concepts.


You'll receive immediate access to 5 prerecorded webinars, totaling 1 hr 40 minutes.



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