September Monthly Astrology Is Here!


September is bringing in a lot of Libra energies, as well as Mercury retrograde at the end of the month, giving us opportunities to find our equilibrium at this time. Strong Earth and Air sign energies amp up our ability to focus and take concrete steps towards your current priorities. 


In this webinar, we journey through the full month and cover all of the aspects of September, including the Virgo New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon.


Grab your natal astrology chart as we cover the transits of the month, including:

- Mercury retrograde begins in Libra

- Venus enters Scorpio

- Mars enters Libra

- Focus on Earth and Air signs

- September ends with 7 retrograde planets

- Discussion on the energies of Mercury, Venus, Mars

- Virgo New Moon

- Pisces Full Moon

- Key astrological dates for September


And new this month! We'll also take a deep dive look at the personal planets in September, and what Mercury, Venus, and Mars are experiencing through their transits. 


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